Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wise words from Mama McHottie

The McHottie ladies.

This week McHottie is taking a little R&R with Mr. McHottie.

So, while the two of them are off frolicking in NYC, she asked a few of her ladies to pinch-hit for her on her blog, The D Spot.

But today's post was so RIDICIOUSLY AWESOME!

Why was it awesome?

Because it was written by the one and only, the amazingly wonderful...Mama McHottie. 

Here is my favorite nugget from her post:
"...connect your dots, and form your picture of life.  And while you are forming your picture remember to enjoy each moment and SMILE!!!"
We should all live life this way. 

You know what they should always listen to your mother. 

Well, I for one will totally be listening to Mama McHot's words.


Thanks to Dana for sending. 
Reminder to Dana...She owes the Pam101 community a 50 Shades of Grey review.
No pressure.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

from christian grey to the queen of england

i might have found my new obsession. Lord knows I need one. Anything to stop reading Fifty Shades of Grey. 

My new obsession could be...

The Royal Family.

I just watched the most interesting ABC News special that Katie Couric hosted about The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  What is the Diamond Jubilee?
 The Diamond Jubilee takes place in 2012, marking 60 years of The Queen’s reign. The Queen came to the throne on 6th February 1952 (her Coronation took place on 2nd June 1953).
The Queen's life is so fascinating.  I must find a bio on her. 
I must date her grandson, Harry. 
I mush become friends with her granddaughter-in-law, Kate. 

A night under the Big Top

I am guessing by now, if you read Pam101 regularly, you know that I tend to get wrapped up in things. 
I get all caught up in my imagination and my mind never seems to stop once it has started. 
This happened to me last night under the big top.
At the Kelly Miller circus. 

Now, if you remove the thoughts of how they treat animals (Pam101 didn't see anything shady or bad conditions) and push out of your mind the fact that they seriously jack the price of everything up (seriously, $10 for a glow sword) and can avoid stepping in elephant poop...the circus is a magical place. 
Not, David Blaine magic. But romantic magic. Not hearts and romance, magic BUT a romantic notion of magic.   I even looked up "romantic notion" to make sure I was using it correctly here. 
4. Imaginative but impractical; visionary
5. Not based on fact; imaginary or fictitious
Think about it. 
 Overnight a group of people...swoop into your town.  They bring with them bright colors, animals from a far off land, humor, fun and a bit of freakishness.   Overnight they set up a magical place where for an hour and half you can be transported somewhere else.  You sit under the big top and watch tigers do tricks, watch camels run around with a zebra, close your eyes and pray the lady who is on a trapeze doesn't fall, you can hear kids laughing, where little noses are covered in a sugary stickiness from too much cotton candy, where little faces stare mesmerized at clowns, You are somewhere else and you never left your hometown.

It's magic.
Pam101 has been a lot of places, I have seen elephants in India, I rode an elephant at a palace in India.  But last night, I couldn't help be get caught up thinking...many of these people will only see an elephant in person one time. And it is here. It is here at the County Fair Grounds. 

And to me...that is something worth getting wrapped up in.

Who's headed to 1st grade?

I feel like you all have known my niece, Lucy, for the majority of her life.
You've been there for most of her big life moments.
And today you are witness to another moment. 
Her kindergarten graduation. 
While she didn't wear a cap and gown (do kids still do that) she did hit a home run as a lion in
Mrs. Taylor's jungle themed opera production.
As Lucy sang and danced with the rest of her class, I couldn't help but be thankful that almost a
year ago, I lost my job in DC.  
If I hadn't lost my job...then I wouldn't have had to move home.  If I hadn't moved
home, I wouldn't have applied to the job I currently have (and love).
I wouldn't be working only 5 minutes from Lucy's house and school.
I would be missing all of these big moments. 
And I never want to miss these moments.
These moments where I am so proud of her, my heart could burst with love and happiness.
It is a feeling I wish I could bottle up and sell to the world. 

As an Aunt, I strive to be the very best one I can be. 
And I know that I am. 
And I know that Lucy knows it too. 

And who knows.
Maybe someday, Lucy will read Pam101.
Read how proud of her I am and how much I love being her Aunt.

Happy Kindergarten Graduation, Lucy. 
I love you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Something I need to start doing

Yours truly needs to start cooking for herself again.

I mean, I cook, but I usually like to cook for parties of two or more.

So, I am pledging that I will get back to my single girl roots and start cooking, really cooking, for myself again.

Just not starting tonight...there is always tomorrow!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hidden in the most random spot

Maybe this is one of those "it was meant to be" moments.

This weekend while I was cleaning, I found... My notes from my first and only Maid of Honor speech.

From Dana and Larry's wedding.

Why this is impossibly random and meant to be.
1. Larry (Dana's hubby) and I were just talking about the speech and how I couldn't remember what I rambled on about.
2. Larry had to tell me I spoke about their love in the form of a lesson plan (they are both teachers.)
3. Why in the world would I have my notes for this important speech stuck in a very random tablet?

My notes for this speech were so scattered. I hope I did a better job in person than I did on paper.

Oh and happy really early Anniversary to Dana and Larry.

I can almost "taste" it!

True Blood is almost back!
Something for us to sink our teeth into.

I thought I quit you?

Boo at our first ACL festival together
After going to the Austin City Limits music festival with Boo the past few years, we decided we were over it. 
I am too old to use porta potty's, get covered in mud and complain about heat, over-priced beer and wait in long lines. 
I am VIP!
Anyway, we made the decision, we were done buying 3-day passes for this festival.
That is until our friend and one of the funniest people on the planet, Mo, tells us he bought his 3-day pass for this year. 
Now...of course...we want to go.  
So, while I did find a plane ticket...I need to find festival passes.

Anyone have the music festival hook-up? Someone call Florence from the Machine and have her get some VIP passes. 

So, bring on those porta potty's, long-lines, drunk young 20 somethings, I AM IN!

Summer Summer Summertime!

Like many of you, I have started thinking about summertime. 
It is already in the 90's in the Pittsburgh area so I would say summer is officially here.  
And being that I don't like to "do nothing, or stay at home, or save any money", I currently am working on my Summer Fun List! 
Here is what I have come up with so far:
Get a lot of use out of my new hybrid grill
(Gas and Charcoal)
Speaking of grilling: Make shish-kabobs
Go to baseball games
Attempt to start reading "my library" and not buy any books until I read the ones I have been collecting for years! 
 Hang out at the local watering hole, The Circle Inn, because on a recent walk I discovered that they have a patio area. 
Go out on a boat. 
Go dancing, like really dancing. Leave sweaty and some body glitter in random places. 
 Be brave. 
 Dust off the Couch to 5K print out and use it. 

Believe me, the list will only continue to grow and
be more awesome. 

Pale Skin...but at least he isn't sparkling

My nephew, Will, is one light-skinned, little boy. 
Don't worry...he was lathered up in some high SPF. 
And in the words of Big Brother, "Suns out...Guns out."
PS- not real guns, but Will's little muscles.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ms.Pam101's neighborhood

I took a stroll around my little neighborhood this morning.

Yinzguys, I love where I live.

And yes, I picked up a donut from Big Daddy's Donut (not the shop from yesterday). I got the Crafton Creme. I thought she said, "crack and creme". Whoops!

This will not become routine

Yesterday, I was up early, like 630am on a Saturday early.

I had been asked to pick up a little something (for my favorite Aunt who happens to live in Florida) in the Strip District.

I was in The Strip in less than 15 min! I can't believe how close I live to downtown.

Anyway, I got what I needed an headed back home (all within 40 min). As I made my way back to my new nest I saw the Open sign was glowing on what I thought was an empty donut shop.

Hit. The. Brakes!

I stumbled into one of the best little shops ever. I told the father and son team who "close the shop when they run out of donuts" I was new to the area and for them to give me their favorites.

I left there with a sugar donut and a chocolate glazed covered in (of course) black and gold sprinkles.

And the guy looked at me odd when I handed him a $5 and he goes I said,"$1.95".

It might be a problem for my waistline now that I know deliciousness is only 3 min away.

So so so good!

Remember to remember this holiday weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all the Pam101 community!

Take a moment this weekend to remember those we have lost and those that currently serve in our Armed Forces.

They are the definition of being a hero!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two Sentence Movie Review

On this hot Saturday, Dana and I headed to the theater to check out What to Expect When You're Expecting.  Let me just say this movie wasn't at all what I expected.  It's worth seeing.

Here you go:

1.  You laugh, you cry and then you do a combination of both...bring some tissues.
2.  The lines between Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone are HILARIOUS!!

Cherry, Franky, Antoinette....

Doing some file organizing, sorting and ultimately throwing things away.

Do I part with all of my Official Adoption Certificates for my Cabbage Patch kids.

Here is hoping I was a good mom to:
Franky Alec
Whitney William
Cherry Anne
Antoinette Stacie
Cissus Page
Beverly Anne

And I am sure there are more...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Lucy had her dance recital last night. 
She rocked it. 
Remember way back when, when she told me, "She lost her cartwheel." 
Well, don't worry. 
She found it.
Proud Aunt Pam101!