Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make sure you pick it up for your Valentine

Click HERE for more sneak peaks.

DVD hits shelves on February 11th.

Welcome to the 31 club

Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake.
31 looks good on you.

If you are going to watch TV...you might as well learn something.

When I was Road Tripping, one of my fave places was the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming. I mean, I LOVED THAT MUSEUM.

They had a lot of great stuff on Annie Oakley too. Which is why I am pretty sure I will love this special on PBS.

Nerd Alert.

So cute. So so cute.

My cousin and his wife have the cutest little girl, Emily.
Well, lil Em sent her fave Aunt Pam a great little gift.
An awesome Twilight ornament and a super sweet card.
So sweet.

It's in there somewhere

This is just 1/4 of the boxes in my parents garage. I so don't feel like going through all of them to find 1. NY Times Cookbook, 2. My fave stapler, 3. Books on Paris and 4. Le Crueset Pot.

It was a downer though to look at those boxes and then notice that three had fallen over. All three were marked, "GLASSES/FRAGILE".

Sigh. Moving Sucks.


Absolutely love this!!!! Makes me want a Honda CR-V and watch Ferris Buller Day's Off.
Love it!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Big Brother called tonight because lil Will had something special I say.

Will called to say, Grandma!

See, the lil boo has been calling Mom101, Nonnie, for about 2 months now.

This was the first time we have heard him say, Grandma.

And then he said Grandpap!

It was a pretty Special moment for my folks.

Aunt Pam was just drinking wine and getting retweeted by the NHL... The hashtag for that would be #liveathomeandnotascoolasmyparents


Apparently YES in French is not Wiiiiiiiii but Oui.

Let's do it, Rosetta Stone!

Being all cultural and stuff

Mom101 and lil101 are at the symphony this afternoon.

I just said to mom, "I could really use a nap."

Here is hoping I don't fall asleep.

PS- the seats are kick ass!

A little Brad Pitt to go with your Sunday coffee

Brad just gets better and better with age.  
I used to have a Legends of the Fall posted on the ceiling over my bed. 

The Hollywood Reporter has a great profile out on him.  Must read.

Must add this CD to my "Grown-Up Dinner Party" playlist

Thanks to Pam101's fave, CBS Sunday Morning, for profiling the singer, Rumor.
Love. Must get!

A Little Girl Talk from Pam101: A Kiss

A friend once told me, "I just need to go out and be kissed."  After talking about it further...she explained that, "she just wants to feel a kiss."  That was it. Nothing more. A kiss.

And at the time (this was a few years ago) I remember thinking, "I have never felt this way."  I mean, as a strong, independent woman (aka Bella) I have never felt the need for a kiss,especially a kiss from a stranger.  Maybe this is my problem with New Years Eve (but that is a whole other story).

And then this AM her words randomly popped into MY brain, "I just want to be kissed."

Is this true? This would be a new one for Pam101.  I mean for the past five years the only kisses I have asked for are from lil people.  No, not the lil people from The Wizard of Oz but the lil ones in my life.  And now that Will (no longer Baby Will) willingly gives me kisses I am getting perfect little smooches many times a week.

But at the ripe old age of *gulp* 31, I am starting to realize that sweet little niece and nephew kisses might not be enough.  Is it time to start seeking "real" kisses?  Kisses from men, who as Pam101 requested the other day, "can grow a strong beard." 

And if this new "realization" is true, what do I do about it? I still have my "kisses from strangers leads to weird cold sores popping up" mentality, so I guess this means I need to "try and actually meet some people."

This is a lot to think about on a Sunday morning.  A Sunday morning, in my robe, with a zit on my cheek, 4th cup of coffee....someone wants to kiss that, right?


Saturday, January 28, 2012

i was on Match for 30 seconds

So...as I sit here...doing nothing...I thought why not look on Match.com for your husband.

I was on there for about 30 seconds max.  Within 30 seconds I had talked myself out of Match.com.

And then I ate a gob. It was delicious.

Gobs are way more enjoyable than Match.com


reason 392392 moving sucks

I made a list of the things I would like to find post-move from DC.  Various books, some of my good cooking pots, belts (i mean...i have no idea where they all are), etc.

But I do NOT want to go through boxes. And there are a TON of boxes out in the garage. 


it's really tricky

Just saying...trying to save money is really hard. 

I feel like I don't go anywhere, I am a hermit, I hardly shop...and i still feel broke.

But I did just spend $200 on Rosetta Stone, $$$$ on hockey tickets and $120 on my hair.

So, I guess I see why I am not saving.

Powerball anyone?

work it out girl

Who knows what is going on with Demi Moore but whatever it is...work it out girl. 

Work it out. 

there is nothing on

Today has sorta been a wash.

Woke up feeling a tad blah. Stuffy, achy, blah. Basically I am a Nyquil commercial.

Anyway, I am doing nothing but flipping through channels and there is NOTHING on. So, by default I have on the NHL All Star Coverage. I am watching pre-game and the actual game isn't until tomorrow and you all know how much I love hockey but even pre-game coverage isn't entertaining me.

Someone come over and entertain me.


This could be my fave Reese movie yet!

Must add this to my Must See Movie List!

Just takes so long

Pam101 woke up this AM a tad under the weather. I blame the guy who was in the ER waiting room hacking up phlegm as I stood there and worked on a display board. Anyway...

I was going to bail on my hair appt but decided against that.

So, now I am sitting under a dryer hoping to have hair as pretty as my BFF Gwyneth when I am done.

Time to rinse!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Look what I found!

My bra!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't a Sid's house. It was with my pink flannel pj's!


Let the weekend begin!

It's Friday!

You know what that means!

Lucy and Cutie Kitty are here for the weekend!

I started a list of all the things I need to share with you. Be prepared for a lot of posts!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ann Curry

I absolutely LOVE Ann Curry's style! 
Colorful, fun, happy...LOVE it!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lux box seats and WE beat the Caps!

Mom101 got big brother and myself some awesome seats for today's Pens vs Caps game at Consol Energy Center.

Luxury box seats, yummy food AND we won in overtime!

I love being able to go to Pens games. I love it so very much.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

shut the front door!

These Louboutin's are so HOT!!!!
Can't stand it!
Someone loan me $1700!

A Little Girl Talk from Pam101

It's just a thought.

A tiny little blip of a thought.

What's the thought?

Again, this is just a tiny, little, baby, not sure if anything will even come of this.

The thought is...

Selling my condo.

I mean...I feel as if I have finally emotionally disconneted from my amazing, wonderful, DC condo.

And if I plan to lay down roots in the Pittsburgh area. It is only the natural next step. To sell. Because when you think of it from a "grown-up/realist" point of view, you would know that a bank won't give a person two loans that would be combined over $450,000.  I mean...a bank SHOULDN'T give it out.

So, what do I do?

That is where my brain has been.

Again, it is just a tiny little idea. 

A tiny but very big idea.


OUT's February issue.

Do you think Martha eats M&M's?

Have spent the majority of this Saturday sitting on my ass and looking at the amazing cookbook Mr.Wonderful got me for Christmas.

It is so ridiculously awesome. I mean, what CAN'T Martha do?

Saying that... I am still Team Ina.

I bet Ina eats M&M's.

Her version of a country home

Pam101's niece, Lucy, is pretty much at her country home every weekend.

It is a safe bet every Friday that Lucy will be standing with her backpack and Cutie Kitty and waiting to load up to go to Grandma's for the weekend.

Every Friday (and Saturday) I have a sidekick who wants to do everything I want to do: play, have snacks, watch tv and have grandma make us breakfast.

Life is pretty great!

Friday, January 20, 2012

White Friday

Good Friday Morning Pam101 Friends!! It's a crispy, cold AM!