Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Because you care

Update from Pam101:

  1. Been busy at work and at home. So I apologize for my lacking of blogging. I know all five of my readers are upset.
  2. I am currently working on some quilts. This is the reason I will be forever single. That and the fact that I love bad food, beer and hate working out.
  3. Speaking of being single. I posted my profile on and decided I didn’t want to pay for it.  So, I am going to hop on over to the free OKCupid and give that a shot. 
  4. You guys hear that KStew cheated on RPatz.  As my favorite volunteer at the hospital says, “there is a bit of truth to everything.”  Can’t wait to see how this story unravels in Celebville.
  5. Speaking of Twilight, I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn Part II.
  6. Been working on my Iowa State Fair trip and Roxie Shasta McNasty’s maiden voyage.  Boo might not be able to go so I am pretty sure I have Big Brother convinced he should tag-along for this adventure.   What could be better than spending 14 hours in the car with your brother?!
  7. I just looked at the Iowa State Fair food section and they have added these items to their Food on a Stick list:
    1. Nothing Spared Fair Square, made with marshmallows, crisped rice cereal, pretzels, potato chips, Oreos, toffee and M&Ms®, available at the Fair Square stand on the northwest corner of the Administration Building
    2. German chocolate funnel cakes, available at The Best Around on the Triangle
    3. Chocolate covered chocolate chip cannolis on-a-stick, available at Dipped in Chocolate on the southwest corner of the Pioneer Livestock Pavilion
    4. Chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie dough pops on-a-stick, available at Dipped in Chocolate on the southwest corner of the Pioneer Livestock Pavilion
    5. Double Bacon Corn Dog, a hot dog wrapped in bacon, deep fried, dipped in bacon bit enriched batter and deep fried again to golden perfection, available at the Campbell's stand in Fun Forest
  9. My heart just exploded.
  10. I hope you are all doing well. I promised to get back into the swing of blogging. I know you all miss me.

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