Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Sentence Movie Review

You know when you receive a Netflix and you can't remember what the movie is about or why you put in your queue?  Well, that was me on Friday.  What was This Means War about again?  Who is in it? Oh, yea. Reese and two attractive guys.  Not to shabby. 

So, last night Spice and I decided to pop in the player and pour a drink and settle in for a movie. 

Well, here you are my two sentences:

1.  Thanks to excellent casting and a funny script...we were laughing the whole time (at one point Pam101 was laughing so hard she was crying but that could have been because of Spicy's heavy hand pouring tequila cocktails).
2.  Good for gals and girls...Attractive faces are all over your screen so it is a crowd pleaser for sure.

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