Friday, June 22, 2012

part girl scout and part gypsy

So....cross your fingers and toes that this whole vintage Shasta camper works out for Pam101.

You know me...I am already planning girls escapes for the weekends. As Spicy says, "We'll be like Gale and Oprah but without the money and assistants!"'

I looked at the camper last night and loved it!  Now...I just need to get my Dad out there for a look over, as I know nothing about brake lights, hook-ups and everything else mechinacial. 


If it does work out and I start hitting the road in this baby...I will be needing these items for my Camper (which will need to be start thinking...maybe something along the lines of Twilight meets True Blood with a dash of Christian Grey plus a side of campfires.)


OR maybe this fabric...I mean they were 
my favorite books as a kid. 

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