Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wise words from Mama McHottie

The McHottie ladies.

This week McHottie is taking a little R&R with Mr. McHottie.

So, while the two of them are off frolicking in NYC, she asked a few of her ladies to pinch-hit for her on her blog, The D Spot.

But today's post was so RIDICIOUSLY AWESOME!

Why was it awesome?

Because it was written by the one and only, the amazingly wonderful...Mama McHottie. 

Here is my favorite nugget from her post:
"...connect your dots, and form your picture of life.  And while you are forming your picture remember to enjoy each moment and SMILE!!!"
We should all live life this way. 

You know what they should always listen to your mother. 

Well, I for one will totally be listening to Mama McHot's words.

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