Sunday, February 26, 2012

a really big deal

Pam101 and PittGirl
You guys. Big moment in Pam101's new life back in Pittsburgh.

When I lived in DC...I religiously read (I still do) That's Church.  This blog is written by a smart, funny, Pittsburgh gal who always made me feel like home wasn't four hours away.  It is so well written.  So...When I saw her show up at Las Velas in the Market Square area of Pitt last night...I freaked out.

I mean, freaked out. And in true Pam101 fashion...I was to nervous to talk to her.  I mean I freaked out when I met Root Sports commentator, Dan Potash. I am a complete nerd.

Pam101 and Dan Potash
 Anyway, BFF Dana, went right on over to her and basically said, "my friend Pam is too chicken shit to come say hi" and then PittGirl aka That's Church, Ginny, got up and came over.

She couldn't have been cooler. I apologized for interrupting her family's dinner (she didn't mind), I asked for a photo...she said sure.  Dana snapped the photo and I rambled on about loving her and reading her. Probably scared her a bit.

I pretty much did a sales pitch on why we need to be friends.  I mean, we need to be friends. She's funny, I'm funny. She loves Pittsburgh, I love Pittsburgh.   She gives to charity and supports amazing causes, I give to charity and support amazing causes.  See, we are besties.

Pitt Girl/Ginny...if you ever read this...THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to meet a fan and not minding my red cheeks that were induced by nervousness and many of Las Velas margaritas.

Tequila courage

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  1. It was great meeting you! Glad you were able to save the picture. :)