Saturday, December 31, 2011

To Resolution or Not To Resolution...that is the question

Pam101's 2012 Resolutions

Read magazines as they arrive
Health (dudes don't date the cubby chicks) 
eat well, exercise and find a yoga place. Buy a juicer.
go on a date
read Pride and Prejudice
submit photos into local Artist cooperative
Go dancing
really REALLY learn how to sew  
Go platinum blonde 
have a zero balance on my only credit card

What are your resolutions?

peace out 2011.

As we begin to countdown to 2012,  Pam101 is starting her reflective moments/thoughts. Seriously, I could get lost in these thoughts. I mean, what a year it has been. So, many highs and a few major lows. 

I am not sure how this post should read.  I have ideas but nothing that is coming together.  Now, McHots whipped up a fantastic "wrap-up 2011" post. CLICK here to check it out.  I am going to borrow a piece of her's because it is exactly what I want to say (she just said it first and better).

via McHottie's blog:
 "Let me get a little sappy now and bring this sucker home. 2011 was what IT is all about. Friends, old and new, supporting one another, love, happiness, fun, laughter, family, growing, learning. The lessons were all there. I’ve watched so many of my girlfriends, my sisters, climb mountains this year and come out victorious. I’ve watched others navigate hardships with unimaginable grace and strength. The resolve of the human spirit has inspired me this year to say the least. We are all SO capable."
2011 saw me close a major chapter in my life.  Saying good bye to DC.  You all know the story. Lost job, moved home. But you also know if I hadn't lost my job I wouldn't have been able to: Road Trip, Nepali  Trip and then find a great job doing what I want to do in the Pittsburgh area.  Seems like a Win-Win to me. It just took me a long time to realize it.  So, I am confident in saying I end this year as a winner. 

A winner who is going to sit on her couch, in her sweats, drink champagne and have a date with CNN's Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.  (Maybe I am not a winner).

Let's wrap this up. 2011, I have loved and hated you.

  • Family time
  • Laughing
  • Road Tripping
  • Nepal
  • iBaby
  • My cowboy boots 
  • Kate and Will's wedding
  • McHottie's wedding
  • My blog, I can't help it I love this blog.
  • Getting a new job, doing the things that I always said I wanted to do.
  • Losing my job
  • Leaving DC
  • Sidney Crosby's never ending concussion
  • Stock market tanking every other day (i only hate this because it means I will never be able to retire).
Now...time to start thinking about my resolutions.  You know those things we all set but never keep.

Have a safe, healthy and happy 2012. 

    Sewing Machine is back!

    Logan (l) and Dominic (r) under their quilts.
    So, after a few hours of panic, the sewing machine is back up and running.  All she needed was a good cleaning, oil and some TLC. 

    She is sewing like the day she was made...way back in the 1950's.

    Anyway, thanks to Mama101, Dana's boys quilts finally got done.  These were the first quilts that I can honestly say I didn't finish. Mom did them.  She sewed while I was at work on Friday. 

    So, thanks Mom!

    Dana's boys love em!

    Logan's quilt.
    Dominic's quilt

    Oh crap...I am in love!

    Love. Happy New Years Eve, Everyone!

    Starting 2012 off with some sweet words

    Pam101 really wants to get back into reading.  I mean...I have a slew of books that I need to get started on.  First on my list: The Sweet Life in Paris by Daivd Lebovitz.  This book will make me happy, I just know it.  I am already happy when I look at the cover. 

    J'adore Paris

    Two super awesome things!

    I found these two awesome Owl items on Etsy! I am in love with both!!

    First item I love:
    This 1953 "Owl Eye" ZENITH Model Radio, You can buy this for me HERE. 

    Second item I love:
    One Of A Kind Owl Art Hot Pink Vintage Original Art, You can buy it for me HERE. 

    Before we start all this "healthy living" talk...

    As we all prepare to say good-bye to 2011, our thoughts tend to start toward the "resolution list".  And before we start with the "I want to lose 10000 pounds" and "I will never do this or that again". Pam101 decided to enjoy one of her favorite foods before she too starts her "healthy life lists". 

    Oh, Sams Club hot dog, i love you.

    Wednesday, December 28, 2011

    Dear Sweet Lord in Fat Lady Heaven

    This nutroll is punch someone in the shoulder good!!!!!!!!

    It's my breakfast and it's the best breakfast ever. EVER!

    Daily Hotness

    Maybe it is because the New Year is creeping up on us? Or maybe it is because on the latest issue of O Magazine, Oprah and Dr.Oz are holding a glass?

    But today's hotness is... a Juicer ...also/sorta Fresh Juice!

    Maybe Pam101 will start 2012 off with a fresh glass of carrots, beets and apples?

    Tuesday, December 27, 2011

    who's ready for 2012?

    Pam101 got herself a great new 2012 planner from a cool designer on Etsy.

    I love it.

    I love lists. I love planning lists. I am a nerd.

    Get yourself a planner and get ready to show 2012 a great time!

    he's pretty much perfect

    I was so happy I was able to see my good friends Haley, Shaun and their son, Jayden, on Monday.  Thank you Taylor family for fitting me in your very busy Christmas schedule.

    Little Jayden is pretty perfect. Look at those lashes, lips and i am in love with that curly hair!

    she knows me so well

    I met up with Mr. and Mrs. Spice for lunch yesterday. Pizza, beer and lots of laughs.  What more do you need, right?

    Well, we did a little gift exchange:

    I got Spice: Jacob and Edward dolls (because a girl shouldn't have to choose), Twilight playing cards and a Buddha from Nepal. 

    She got me: some awesome fingerless gloves I was eyeing up in Seattle on our trip, an awesome Map (that was today's hotness) for my office, a Pens wine stopper,  my favorite Philosophy lotion (Toasted Marshmallow) and a cute little tablet for my desk.

    I have the best friends.

    Thank you, Spice! Thank you for the amazing gifts! You know me so well!

    PS- I wore my gloves this AM.  The made me so happy!

    holy smokin hot moly

    McHottie and Joey...on their wedding day.

    As always, check out McHottie's blog. She has some great posts up!!!

    i missed her

    Oprah's new show, "Next Chapter" premiers on OWN on January 1st at 9:00pm.
    Season Premiere January 1 at 9/8c
    Start the New Year with Oprah and her new primetime series! During the two-hour premiere event, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler opens up about addiction, family and fame.
    I'll be there. Will you?

    a really wonderful Pittsburgh gift

    Remember a few days ago, I mentioned I had purchased the BEST Christmas gift ever?

    Anyway, I purchased a...Hand-made, One of a kind, Original piece of art...from a local glass shop called, Our Glass Creations.   It's a fantastic local shop.  Shop local, people!

    As you can see from the photos; the lamp is the most perfect gift for a Pittsburgh sports fan.  4 black and gold panels with the sports teams and then I came up with the idea of the Pittsburgh skyline on the last panel.

    It's perfect.

    So, now you know what to order the next time you need a gift for the Pittsburgh person in your life.

    Family is the meaning of Christmas...well for me anyway.

    A few pics from the Pam101 family Christmas.  Believe me...there are more...and some videos...but I don't want to bore you with all of them.

    Hope you had a great day with your family, surrounded by the people you love...enjoying the love and happiness the holiday brings us. 

    my new obsession

    Pam101 is hooked on PBS's Downton Abbey.  

    Love it.

    Love, love it.

    If you love Pride and Prejudice...then you should be watching this.  Season two starts on January 8th.

    Man Down

    Well...Sewing Machine down.  This almost 50 year old beauty is off to the repair man tomorrow. Cross your fingers and toes that he can get her up and running again.

    Please note...that this is her FIRST time going to the sewing machine Dr.'s. 

    Someday maybe you will get one

    Here is the annual Pam101 Christmas letter!

    It's sorta a big deal...

    Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Daily Hotness

    Happy Tuesday after Christmas everyone!

    Today's daily hotness is a great gift I got from Spicy.

    How awesome is this "map of Pam101's travels and places she wants to go?!"

    I love it.

    I think it could almost be entirely filled with push-pins.

    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Happiness is ...

    It's 3 blankets...2 loving grandparents... 1 super cute little boy.

    Merry Christmas!

    Life according to my iBaby...Christmas addition

    Christmas will be here in 2 hours. The cookies and milk are ready, the reindeer food is out and the little ones are sound asleep.

    Enjoy the pics from Pam101 Christmas Eve...

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    Is there an off switch on my tear ducts?

    Do I blame Christmas time? I mean doesn't one song begin, "Christmas makes you feel emotional..." pretty sure a version of Silver Bells begins that way.

    Anyway, I tend to think I am a non-emotional person. But I think I have discovered that indeed I am... I think I just don't like to see other people be.

    "I'll be home for Christmas" makes me cry.

    Photos from a local police officers funeral - soppy, tear soaked mess.

    Lucy in her Christmas program - tear.

    Reading random obits in the paper - pass the tissues.

    Happy tears. Sad tears. Deep thought tears. Life searching tears.

    It's just an emotional time.

    Please tell me it isn't just me.

    One more request, Santa

    Like many, many little ones out there my niece, Lucy, has put one more request into Santa.

    A Barbie Dream House.

    So, of course Aunt Pam101 talked to Mrs. Claus (who happens to live with Big Brother...shhhh don't tell Santa) and told her that she didn't have to go out to find the Dream House. Because the greatest Aunt ever and Barbie hoarder still has her original, circa 1985, Barbie Dream House!

    In it's original, but beat down, box.

    Here is hoping Lucy loves it as much as I did.

    A Little Girl Talk from Pam101


    I know that in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is hard to get everything done. Hard to quilt blankets, wrap way to many presents, try to not lose your patience with people, etc, etc.

    But in the middle of all of this holiday wonderful chaos there are moments where you meet up with two of your favorite people and all of that nuttiness goes away.

    Last night I met up with Jacob and Carissa. In a nutshell I was a grad student when these two adorable kids where in undergrad. I was their faux boss at their work study jobs. Pretty much the best faux boss you could ever have. Shots for everyone!!

    Life goes fast. It's been years since I have seen Jacob and I was fortunate to see Carissa a few years back in Chicago. BUT like with all good feels like a day hasn't gone by. The conversation doesn't stop, the laughs are contagious and really real, and the hugs are fantastic.

    Could it be that the best present Pam101 receives this year is something I already have? No, not a wine fridge BUT the amazing friendships I have in my life.

    Too bad more people don't have that on their lists.

    Thursday, December 22, 2011

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Could be the best....EVER

    So... I am pretty sure that I have in my possession HANDS down one of the coolest, uniqueness, awesomeness, tippity-top gifts EVER.

    Big better be ready.

    things i won't miss now that i live at home

    Lucy did a great job during her Christmas kindergarten program. She sang, did some fun little gestures and even a bit of sign language. It was great!

    See...if I hadn't lost my job...then i wouldn't have had to move home...and if i wasn't living at home...then i wouldn't be able to make it to her school at 9:00am on a Tuesday.

    it's a good thing.

    A day full of Christmas cheer!

    Today Mom101 rocked another brilliant Christmas sweater. Lucy did great in her kindergarten holiday program. And Pam101 wore an emerald green dress with bright red Nepali bead necklace.

    Christmas cheer for everyone!