Monday, October 31, 2011

Here is hoping the kid knows what Chicken of the Sea is.

I called this WEEEEEEEKS ago!

"It's true – I'm going to be a mummy!" Jessica Simpson, Tweeted Monday, posting a photo of herself dressed up as such for Halloween and cradling her baby bump.

Happy Halloween!

Pam101 wanted to take a quick moment before I start my day to wish you a Spooktacular Halloween!

Should I dress up as a Pirate for my interview today?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ohhhhhhh Yea!!!!!!! (for Twitards)



Pam101 update

Please excuse this week.

I have a million things (well more like 5) I want to write about but I am playing Nanny Pam101. Walking Lucy to the school bus (waving like a nut when the bus pulls away), playing with Will during the day and also this week my favorite Aunt is in town visiting.

So, this is why I haven't been posting.

I'll make sure the break is worth your wait. Look forward to my post on my recent visit to a physic, Girl Talk on my trip, a final review post on Road Trip 2011, the kitten that showed up at Big Brothers house and may be my new pet, and of course highlights from all things Trick or Treat/Halloween related. Oh, and maybe I'll ramble on about how I still don't have a job and not sure what to do next.

Like I said, lots to talk stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A day in the life of the unemployed

I have absolutely nothing new to report.

I had a phone interview. Waiting to hear back. Everyday that goes by with no response is a bad sign.

I hung out with my nephew,Will, all day. He is working his way into being my best friend. Shhhh...don't tell his sister.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life according to my iPhone

Here are some snaps from Pam101's life according to her iBaby...

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happiness is a pumpkin patch!

The Pam101 family headed to a Pumpkin Patch/Fall Festival Place this weekend. And we had such an awesome time with the kids on Saturday we went back again today.

I absolutely love fall! And then we carved up those babies! Thanks to my sister-in-law for carving the Sidney Crosby 87 pumpkin. I can barley carve out a crooked smiley face one.

Hope you all had a great Fall!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Love recipes that call for canned items!

Whipped up a Mexican Casserole out of Cuisine Down Old Route 66! Pretty delicious!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A day in the life of the unemployed

It was fabric cutting day!
I am working on some special Christmas projects and if you are will be getting a quilt! isn't Julia Child....

So, I was thinking.  What can I do with my time.  I mean...job searching takes about an hour out of a day. So, what do I do with the rest of my time?

I think I might give myself a challenge.  Why not try to copy the Julia/Julie idea and attempt to cook every recipe in a cookbook? Dude, bring it on.

And believe me I have a TON of cookbooks to choose from. And you would think I would choose the woman who I aspire to be, Ina Garten, but nope (actually all of my cookbooks are in a box somewhere).

I am thinking for this challenge I should try something more "fun", "down-home", filled with "lots of love and oleo".  I had to Google oleo.

I present to you the Cuisine Down Old Route 66 cookbook.  It is a collection of recipes from the Unite Methodist Women First United Methodist Church on Second and Gray Streets in McLean, Texas. I bought this little collection of gems at The Devils Rope Museum in McLean, Texas while driving through with Papa101.

These recipes are fantastic. They are so down-home. Filled with love and tons of canned soups, meat and cheese.  A pinch of this and a smidge of that.

Yesterday, I made the Peanut Butter cake for dinner at Dana's house.  It was good but so dense.  You def needed a jug of milk.

Tonight I am going to make Clinton, Oklahoma's Carol Duncan's Mexican Casserole.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We haven't talked Twilight in like forever.

So...Breaking Dawn comes out on November 18th.

Spicy and I bought tickets to see watch the Twitard Marathon starting at 4:00pm on November 17th with a 12:01am showing of Breaking Dawn on November 18th. McHottie...please don't be mad :)

You guys. I can't wait to see this movie. Serioulsy, stoked to see it.

I am an official Twitard.

Hot Topic is now selling replicas of Bella’s engagement ring and the silver and sapphire hair combs from Breaking Dawn: Part 1‘s hotly-anticipated wedding scene. Both pieces are $28, and are currently available in Hot Topic stores and at

I used to live in the most powerful city in the world...

I used to live in Washington, DC.
Now I live on the Pam101 estate. Something like 200+ acres in SW PA.

I used to have 720 square feet (big for DC standards).
I think my bedroom at home is like 300 square feet. That is just a guess.

I used to have cement as my front yard.
There is a tractor in my driveway and tons of trees.

I used to go out at night and have cocktails with friends.
I am sitting in my PJ's...watching the Pens on TV...and am drinking to much wine.

Life was good then.
Life is good now.

Getting wood ready for the wood burner.
It's Fall Ya'll
View from the porch.

A day in the life of the unemployed

Let's see...what did I do today?

I hung out with my Mom and nephew all day. We ran errands, Will slept in the car, we picked up Lucy off of the school bus and took the kids to the library.

Pretty great day.

But I need to find a job. Today I decided I would be good at the following:
* librarian (but only in the children's section)
* Barista at Starbucks
* working in a bakery
* running a bed n breakfast
* being Sidney Crosby's housekeeper/lover. Preferably the latter.
* (lover is a funny word)
* working at a vineyard.
* stacking bread at the bread store (long story).