Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 9 of Road Trip 2011

This day was a pretty heavy driving day! Was up at 4:00am pst and was out of Spokane by 5:00am.  It was about a 4.5 hour drive to Seattle and it was a gorgeous drive.  Spicy arrived safe and sound and as soon as she landed we were on our way to Forks, Washington.  GPS surprised us and took us to a Ferry Boat, which was pretty fun. 

Made it to Forks with no problems. Of course, it is beautiful. Giant pine trees, beautiful lakes and lots of mountains.  Ugh, so pretty.  And then the Twilight madness begins.  Stopped at every Twilight related sight we saw.  Stopped in the Forks Chamber of Commerce and I think it was there I realized that this whole town is in a giant Twilight bubble.  It really boggled my mind how Twilight intense everything was.  I guess I knew it would be but when the Chamber of Commerce lady says she doesn't have information on anything except Twilight it was a bit weird.  This coming from a crazy Twilight fan. 

Tomorrow Spicy and I are going to explore some of the beaches near Forks (LaPush and Rialto), check out the Police Station (apparently they have some Chief Swan garb) and then go to the Hoh Rainforest. isn't ALL Twilight! 

This beautiful...and a bit nuts. Nuts in a crazy-good way!

Working on our plan for tomorrow.

On a Ferry Boat.
Chamber of Commerce in Forks, Washington.

Can you spot Edward?

The city called Twilight formerly known as Forks

There are no words for how over the top the Twilight madness is in the city of Forks.

The photos speak for themselves!

Spicy made a list!

Check out Spicy's must see list! Pretty great, right!

Look who decided to show up!

It's sunny in the Seattle/Forks area today! Looks like Edward is going to have to ditch school and hang out with me and Spicy!

Off to find out if Vampires do sparkle...

Rise and Shine from Spokane, Washington! The crew and I are up early and are almost ready to make our way to Seattle to pick up Spicy! Gingy will be rolling out in 15 minutes...

Then off to Forks! Nerd alert!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Seriously Cute Kids

Grace and Rachel are the beautiful daughters of Cara and Erik. Rachel is the little one who happily let me stay in her room while I was in Montana. Such great little girls!

And who knows...If this whole "can't find a job thing" takes forever I have been offered a job as a live in Nanny for my host family.

I could totally see me, Grace and Rachel causing some trouble.

Thank you Dawkins family for letting me stay with you. Nice people rock!

Thank You, Bison

I pledge my love to the Bison.

Specifically, the American Bison Burger from Ted's Montana Grill in downtown Bozeman. This burger was hands down one of the BEST burgers I have ever had! So. Damn. Good!

Day 8 of Road Trip 2011

Today was what we will call a driving day. I hit the road at 8am and started my way to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Of course you all know I stopped at the Wheat Montana Bakery and had a bomb-diggity almond caramel bun thingy.

The drive through Montana towards Idaho was so pretty. Mountains, pine trees, lots of water... Just gorgeous.

Once I got to Coeur d' Alene I got lunch at the Coeur d' Alene resort. Super good sandwich. Walked around the main street and snapped some pics. This is a city that is staying on my "must go back list". I was only there for 2 hours and of course I needed more time but I had to continue onto Spokane, Washington.

I didn't know what to expect when I got to Spokane. I have spent the past week in the Mid West. Where there are cowboys, ranches, Wranglers, Buffalo and all in all just a relaxed way of life.

As soon as I pull into Spokane I see a few homeless people. Now this doesn't bother me (I spent 6 years in DC, homeless peeps don't bother me) but coming from not seeing any it reminded me that I was now in a city. I also felt like an outsider in the sense that I wasn't "punk" or "grunge" enough. For a while I was the only one not pierced, tattooed, wearing kohl eyeliner or riding a skateboard. My plaid shirt def was lame.

My hotel, Hotel Ruby, is a hip little boutique hotel in downtown. In fact my only complaint I have is the wireless sucks, so I am siting here using my awesome iPhone to blog.

I walked over to Riverfront Park and checked out the giant Radio Flyer wagon. I know I have said this many time but the weather has been so fantastic and today was no different. After exploring the park I walked over to Aunties Bookstore and told myself NOT to buy more books. And after a Starbucks...I find myself sitting on this comfy bed blogging.

Tomorrow I will be up EARLY because....guess who is coming to town... SPICY! Get ready for all things Twilight!

Shut Ur Face So Good!

People! I insist that if you are ever driving on I-90 West in Montana you must stop at Wheat Montana Bakery!!!

I am sitting here eating an Almond and Carmel Bun/cinnamon roll thingy and holy crapsticks is it GOOD! This is what this trip us all about. Seeing all that America has to offer and I have found a winner in this place!

I am totally getting a ham and cheese roll for the road!

Also, this bakery grows it's own wheat. It is in the fields behind me. I love America! I love Wheat Montana Bakery!

Back to eating! Then off to Drive thru Idaho and end up in Spokane for the night.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 7 of Road Trip 2011

Location: Bozeman, Montana.
More specific location: Bozeman Brewery in Bozeman, Montana. Where a mom is drinking beer and helping her kid with his homework.

I guess technically today could be called an "r and r day". I was able to chill at Casa Dawkins (cara's home) and just catch up on life. Sent emails, made calls ( still no progress with scheduling that 2nd interview), and worked on some of my videos and photos over the past few days. A much needed morning of calm.

Then I made my way to downtown where I met Cara for lunch at the John Bozeman Bistro. Delicious lunch. Explored a bit of Main Street, totally charming, and I may have bought myself and Lucy some Western shirts. (mom, be on the look out for the cutest lil girl shirt in the mail).

After some wandering, I headed to The Museum of the Rockies. My GPS had a good time sending me all over Montana State University's campus. Arrived to the museum and was impressed. The had a great photography exhibit of musicians. I followed a dad and son around and the dad stopped at every photo and explained in full detail who the Artist was and why they were important to Rock history. At the Jimmy Hendrix photo he goes "son, this is who you need to inspire to be". Pretty sure we could work on a better role model, but whatevs.

I even caught a Planetarium show on the stars. Which I needed yesterday on my way home from Yellowstone because holy shit was the sky full of glorious stars!

Left the museum and (this is lame) hit up Wal Mart so I could buy some Moose Drool beer to take home to PA. Hope I don't drink it before then.

And now... I am sitting in the small, local, hip tasting room of the Bozeman Brewery, where a flight of local brews only cost me $4.50!!!!!

Tonight I am having dinner with my "host" family at Ted's Montana Grill. Where I will try not to squeeze and smush Cara's lil girls because they are SO CRAZY CUTE!

Montana (like the rest of my stops so far) has been fantastic! Maybe... Pam101 should stay in the "West"!

ps- I wore my cowgirl boots all day, I am in love.