Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 7 of Road Trip 2011

Location: Bozeman, Montana.
More specific location: Bozeman Brewery in Bozeman, Montana. Where a mom is drinking beer and helping her kid with his homework.

I guess technically today could be called an "r and r day". I was able to chill at Casa Dawkins (cara's home) and just catch up on life. Sent emails, made calls ( still no progress with scheduling that 2nd interview), and worked on some of my videos and photos over the past few days. A much needed morning of calm.

Then I made my way to downtown where I met Cara for lunch at the John Bozeman Bistro. Delicious lunch. Explored a bit of Main Street, totally charming, and I may have bought myself and Lucy some Western shirts. (mom, be on the look out for the cutest lil girl shirt in the mail).

After some wandering, I headed to The Museum of the Rockies. My GPS had a good time sending me all over Montana State University's campus. Arrived to the museum and was impressed. The had a great photography exhibit of musicians. I followed a dad and son around and the dad stopped at every photo and explained in full detail who the Artist was and why they were important to Rock history. At the Jimmy Hendrix photo he goes "son, this is who you need to inspire to be". Pretty sure we could work on a better role model, but whatevs.

I even caught a Planetarium show on the stars. Which I needed yesterday on my way home from Yellowstone because holy shit was the sky full of glorious stars!

Left the museum and (this is lame) hit up Wal Mart so I could buy some Moose Drool beer to take home to PA. Hope I don't drink it before then.

And now... I am sitting in the small, local, hip tasting room of the Bozeman Brewery, where a flight of local brews only cost me $4.50!!!!!

Tonight I am having dinner with my "host" family at Ted's Montana Grill. Where I will try not to squeeze and smush Cara's lil girls because they are SO CRAZY CUTE!

Montana (like the rest of my stops so far) has been fantastic! Maybe... Pam101 should stay in the "West"!

ps- I wore my cowgirl boots all day, I am in love.

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