Friday, August 26, 2011

Someone turned "a whole hand" yesterday!

Little Lucy turned 5 yesterday. How is it possible she is 5 already? After a day that started with her Birthday Breakfast at McDonalds...we headed to the play area of a Mall...then we headed back home to have a fantastic Birthday dinner! She is one lucky little girl. Happy Birthday, Lucy!

The day began with Birthday cards from Aunt Bev and family.
Sharing breakfast with her brother.

The sky's the limit for this 5 year old.
Crab Legs for Birthday Dinner!

Happy Birthday!
We all should be this excited on our Birthdays!

Mom and her lil guy.

Flynn Rider...sorta hot.
Posing with her new quilt.

The Pam101 family needs to work on their singing...

Lucy is in a Rapunzel phase right The Pam101 family doesn't disappoint! And little Will loves himself some cake!

I'd say it was a pretty great 5th Birthday!

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