Sunday, June 26, 2011

Couldn't tell you the last time I had cereal...

Sunday's is my favorite day of the week. Why? Because it is my day to do whatever I want. Today's Sunday started out with an early wake up call telling me my Veggie Crate was here, throwing in some laundry, pouring some iced coffee and then...making myself an AMAZING Breakfast.

Inspired by Ina's herbed baked eggs I whipped up some baked eggs with last night's left over marinara sauce. The only think missing from my "smack your mama it's so good" breakfast was Ryan Reynolds.

A splash of cream and butter goes under the boiler first...
How I operate in my kitchen.
The cream and butter is brown and bubbly...time for the eggs, herbs and sauce.
Back under the boiler goes the dish...
Now, this is a breakfast!
Baked eggs covered in delicious herbs, sauce and a little cheese.

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  1. This looks so soooo good! All your food pictures are making me hungry!