Thursday, March 31, 2011

Because this is the month of my birth...

Pam101 in a sequenced tube top
I thought it was completely appropriate to end my Birth Month with another fabulous Glamour Shot.  Pam101 was 18 years old and getting ready to head to college (it was only an hour away and I came home like every weekend). be 18 again. Would I do it all over again?  If I could would I go back and change things? Would I tell a young Pam101 all the things she needs to know about life. I really don't know if I would. Every bad hair day, every bump in the road, every drink I drank, all the disappointments, every heartache, all the hugs and tears...have lead me to where I am right now.

And where I am right a very good place.

Pam101 note: I hope you have enjoyed celebrating my Birth Month as much as I have.

Dana's Glamour Shot, 1998

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  1. Hoooot! So jealous of your glamour shots. And I mean that sincerely.