Monday, March 28, 2011

The Art of Sewing

After a few fun days of playing, eating and drinking I got to serious "Sewing Focus" on Sunday. I had to get a lesson from my Mom before I headed back to DC. After a few sighs, rolling my eyes and saying, "I HATE THIS and THIS IS STUPID" (which Lucy ran over and told me I can't say Hate or Stupid) I think I may have gotten the hang of sewing a straight line. I figured I should start with the easier project, Baby Will's Dr. Seuss Birthday Banner. Lucy's dress is going to have to wait a few more days. Here is the proof I did actually sew this weekend! Enjoy!

Lucy the helper (with her pin cushion)
Putting thread on the bobbin. I tried three times before I yelled for help.
My first sewing test was making a square (which turned into a sleeping bag for Lucy's bunny rabbit)
Pushing the sewing pedal.
Proof! Sewing Will's banner (well pieces of it).
Fabric for Dr.Seuss Birthday Banner.

Wow! This is the WORST CAMERA ANGLE EVER! I have so many chins! Sigh. all know what I look like! Attempt 1 was a disaster.

When things mess up...blame Grandma!

Sigh. I need a lot of work!

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