Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year In Review

Pam101 has written over 3,300 posts in the year 2010.  Holy Shit. And if my Blogger stats are right in I have about 11,000 page views a month (Thank YOU!).  Looks like you all do love me.  When I started Pam101 I thought "I am stories are funny and they are worth sharing".  I wasn't confident in my writing.  But now I think "I am stories are definitely writing is good...and this blog is amazing".

So, as we close the book/blog on 2010 I thought we should take a little trip down memory lane. 

We have shared a lot this past year. Lots of highs and a few lows. I did a quick scan of each month and pulled a few random posts. And like the books I read I picked these posts based on how catchy the title was.

Think I can find my husband in 4 minutes?

Freaking Out A Bit
Team Sidney Crosby ALL THE WAY

The Best Birthday Night EVER!
Ode to the Irish Sheep

New Boobs for the Birthday Girl
Ding Dong...we made it to 56!

Pam101 LOVES Hot Dogs!!!!

Twilight Hangover!

Holy Shit Post!

This is what a group of almost 30 year-olds do...

Great...he works out all the time and doesn't eat cake....

Spice and the City!
12 delicious Courses, Fire Sign and a Polka Dot Thong

A Little Girl Talk from Pam101

"He Knows Everything"

The post that got the most hits in 2010 was, I think Sarah Palin's boob job rumors are more believable. This post got 2,828 views.

Second most popular post was, I have something in common with Indiana Jones. This got 1200 views.

I have decided that A Little Girl Talk from Pam101 is the best feature the blog has to offer.  If I do say...I think it is smart, funny and worthy of becoming a column in a paper.  Sports...A Dish Served Hot is another feature I love.  Look for this one to get better in 2011.  Another surprise I found while digging into the Pam101 archives was crush on Sidney Crosby has been around for a whole year.  That is pretty good for me. Usually my obsessions last about a month and then I move on.

Lucy and Baby Will (not a baby anymore) are fantastic little subjects to blog about. It is fun watching them grow.  The Pam101 family is fun to blog about in general, I think we are pretty cool punch of people.

The AM and PM Hotness is still going strong. I will admit it is tricky coming up with 2 super cool ideas daily.  Feel free to send me suggestions.

I really want to make it to 100 Pam101 fans.  That is my goal for 2011! That and find a hubby.  As you can see I went speed dating in January...and I need more than 4 minutes to make an impression on someone of the opposite sex.

Here is wishing you an amazing 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Bye RPatz Calendar

2010 was a very busy and wonderful year! But sadly...I must say good-bye to my RPatz calendar.  We shared a lot these past 12 months.  Eclipse came out...Mary had twins...I went to Disney...Will turned 1...Lucy turned 4...Jayden and Emily were born...Russian Standard Vodka-1 Pam101-0...Lily moved to Vermont...Kings of Leon in Tampa....

Happy End of 2010 Everyone! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who knew you could still smoke in bars?

Pam101 and Dante
Dante, Dana and I grabbed a few beers at Excuses on the Southside.  As soon as we walked in...we were hit with a wall of ciggie smoke. Really Pittsburgh? You still allow smoking in bars? my coat is hanging outside trying to air hair reeks and reminds me of being a 21 year old (makes me sad) and I have a raspy voice (sorta hot).   Smoking while it looks super cool...totally sucks.
Oh and I am totally not washing my eye make up off from last night.  Don't judge me. 

Pam101 and the City

Going to the bar across the street
Someone paint this in my apartment

In and out of my life in 20 seconds

Had a fun night out with Dana, Christine and Dante on the Southside in Pittsburgh.  It is always good to see my BFF's and have some drinks and laugh until my head hurts.  As Dana and I were walking to meet up with Dante a city bus was at a red light. This wasn't just a plain bus! This bus had Pittsburgh Penguin crap all over it! Sid was a GIANT! I ran up to the bus and threw my camera to Dana. The light turns green (Dana is turning on camera), I am yelling to "get the photo!!!" Dana is laughing...I am laughing...we get 4 blurry funny photos.
God...I love being home.

Did you get it?!
There he goes....
And just like that...he was out of my life.

Monday, December 27, 2010

One kid vs Three kids

I thought this was a funny story.

After seeing the show in Pittsburgh yesterday Lucy and I were walking out of the theater and she goes "when I grow up I want 15 kids."  So, I ask her "how many kids should Aunt Pam have?"  She goes, "three".  So, I tell her "you know if I have kids I can't spoil you the way I do now. I'll have to spend time with my kids".  Her response, "you should have one kid...and that kid is me!" 

Guess Lucy isn't too worried about her little brother :) 

Who knew dinosaurs could drive?!

Will and Lucy in their new robes!
Road Rage!
Tearing up the house in his new Big Wheel!
Little Dinosaur!

An afternoon at the theater

The ladies in Pam101's family headed to Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze. Lucy and the rest of us had a great time!

Lucy was hiding her popcorn from the ushers...sneaky girl.
Lucy and Michelle

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Aunt Pam and her favorite kids

Because Aunt Pam is always behind the camera it has become normal for me to only be in a handful of photos (and usually I am not happy with how I look in them). Thankfully my Mom took some photos of the kids helping me open up my presents. Of course I loved my Pens cap and my hockey stick.

We stick together like PB&J

Aunt Pam101 bought the most adorable PB&J necklace off of Etsy. Of course I gave the jelly bread half to Lucy.  She loved it! And even though she left it at Grandma's house...she promised me she would always love it. And that is all that matters.
Lucy and Aunt Pam wearing the PB & J necklaces!
 Also...thanks to my Mom for getting a few photos with me actually in them.  Out of over 200 photos...Pam101 made it into 10.

Bring on the mashed potatoes!

The Pam101 family always has mashed potatoes! I swear we have them at every gathering. Scalloped-nope, Fried- no way...MASHED!
Dad carving the turkey
Mom whipping up our potatoes!

Ready to Eat!
So good!

I hope it snows on us!

I am pretty sure Big Brother wasn't completely freaking out with joy but I do think he was a tad happy about getting a ticket to go to the Winter Classic with me! We have our hats, hand warmers, and flasks! We are set! LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!

Christmas Take 2

After a great morning at Big Brother and Michelle's we all took the traditional mid afternoon break (away from each other). Mom, Dad and Pam101 all headed back to the farm to get our house ready for Christmas Take 2 and for dinner.  Mom and I got the turkey ready, chopped up celery and onions for stuffing and Pam101 drank wine and blogged ( I just feel like you all want to know what it is like to have a Pam101 Christmas). As on the photo for a much bigger, grander, better photo! 

Enjoy the photos from Christmas Take 2.

Mom's Christmas Tree
Looks like Lucy and Will were good this year!
This could be one of the best photos ever of my Dad and Lucy.
Someone was excited!
She loved her house!
He lost his tooth in a hockey fight!
Grandma loved Will's truck!
Big Brother and all his Winter Classic Gear. He is already trying to sell his ticket.

Hey look at that...I am actually in a photo!
Hope you all see us on TV!

Winter Wonderland

 I am pretty sure you all know I live in the middle of no-where in Southwestern PA. There are no stop lights, dirt roads and lots of farms.  On a perfect winter is like being in a snow globe. 

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The family
There was a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground when the Pam101 family woke up! It was a perfect Christmas morning..Thanks, Santa for bringing Lucy and Will so many great gifts! 

Matching Jammies!
Playing with her new soccer ball!
Baby Will

Happy Family
The next American Idol!
Billy and his little devils!

He loved his blocks!
Proof, I was at Christmas this year!
I told myself that this year I would get up and actually do my hair and put on make-up. No such luck. Sigh...maybe next year. I loved my gift (and I have never used the word Cool so many times!)!!