Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spice and the City!

Rally to Restore Sanity

Time to get Mad Men Ready!
Spicy got arrested for impersonating Jackie O
Two Lovely Ladies!
Sweets for the Sweet!
Rocking the Prada's!
HOLY CRAP! Look who we ran into in a high end store in Georgetown!
Spicy and Jackie talking suits

Mad Men Girls take on Drag Queens!

Spicy101, Lils, JenMo and Pam101 spent a Saturday night turning themselves into Mad Men Girls! I thought we were pretty smashing! We took our lovely selves out to the annual Miss Adams Morgan Pageant. It is a fantastic Drag Queen show held every October. So much fun! I would say we even impressed some of the Queens! Enjoy the pics!

The Art of Turning into Mad Men! Involved lots of hairspray!
Spicy101 putting on more hairspray!
Boo- please note I am rocking your Grandma's dressing gown!
Lily's turn at the beauty shop.
Mad Men Girls like cocktails and Pigs in a Blanket.
Mad Men Pam101 Calling Don Draper.
Lils is Mad Men Day Glam!
Made it to the show!
We were such cute Mad Men Girls!
Hot Hot HOT!
Good Times!
This, I think, is all of our favorite photo!
She had crazy glitter lipstick!
I am just saying the snake was heavy!
God Bless America!
First Lady Spice going after Mad Men Day Lils
Sophisticated Mad Men JenMo and Cocktail Night Mad Men Pam101
I swear I didn't steal the Queen's crown!

Spicy and Pam101 take on 200,000 people!

Let's talk Rally to Restore Sanity!

Over 200,000 people! Think about that! Spicy101 and I were just 2 people in a sea of over 200,000! We made our way there...only to not hear or see any of the rally. We basically spent an hour and a half moving through the 200,000 plus inch by inch as we worked our way across the National Mall. I was super happy that there were that many people but I had no desire to stay there. Thankfully Spicy101 didn't either. Finally after we wormed our way to sweet freedom we grabbed some lunch. There were some fantastic signs at this Rally and the people who were in attendance were all nice, friendly and extremely sane.

You couldn't see, breath or move in this crowd.

Spicy101 at her first Rally. Too bad we didn't last.

I should have bought one.

Nothing says Rally like boa's

About as close to the Stage as we got. We were still 2 football fields away.

Pam101 will admit...I had moments where I thought we would be trapped forever.

Some great signs!

We found Waldo!


Sweeeeet FREEDOM!

So, this is a map of the National Mall.  I need you to envision this covered with 200,000 people. And then picture me and Spicy walking across from Independence all the way to Constitution. Spice had to hold onto Pam101 because I worked my way through that crowd. It was MADNESS!

A Halloween Tribute to some of Pam101's fave kids....

Dana's boys ready for Halloween 2010.

Lucy (ladybug in 2007) with her cousin Hannah

Dominic's 1st Halloween

My nephew Ethan as Batman....with the real Batman

Kendal as Batgirl!
Baby Will's 1st Halloween 2009

I need more photos of my friends kids...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Here is Wishing you a Very Happy Halloween Weekend!

A young girl in a Halloween hat posing with a jack o' lantern, circa 1945.

Image: Lambert / Getty Images

PM Edition of the Hotness

My Friday night plans are today's PM Hotness! Spicy101 will be arriving very soon, Panini's will be made (with delicious meat, cheese and pears), wine will be poured and the Pens are on TV. How perfect is that!?

Happy Halloween Weekend You Little Goblins!!!!

The Today Show does Halloween RIGHT!

Lunchtime Funny

Dana Carvery was completely hilarious on tonight's show, especially during our commercial break while shooting promos for our local affiliates.

I don't know Boo...this makes me cheer on the Giants!

In the middle of the eighth inning of Game 2 of the World Series Thursday night, more than 43,000 San Francisco Giants fans at AT&T Park began singing along to the song "Lights" by Journey. Steve Perry, Journey's lead singer and Giants fan, was shown jumping around on the scoreboard and pumping up the crowd. 

So, I haven't posted a thing about the World Series. But I thought this was pretty cool. How can I not cheer on the Giants?! I love team spirit.
This is where I should mention I got "Most School Spirit" in High School. Lame-O!

A Super Absolutely Fabulous Idea!!!!!!

I heard about this fantastic program this AM and I had to share!!! If you find yourself with lots of extra Halloween Candy this year...send it to our troops! BRILLIANT!

A Sweet Way to Make Everyone Smile: The Halloween Candy Buy-Back Program!
As responsible dentists, community members, and US citizens, Halloween Candy Buy Back dentists have found a way to keep the fun, while helping kids and our troops deployed overseas.

How does the program work?
* Participating dentists buy back kids' Halloween candy at a scheduled event
* Dentists send the candy to Operation Gratitude or other Military support groups
* Operation Gratitude sends the candy to U.S. Military deployed in harm's way

Why Join Halloween Candy Buy Back?
* You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re making kids, parents, and Service Members smile!
* You'll set a great example for the next generation to give back!
* You'll also enjoy some great publicity!


You need to get a McHottie in your life

 You all should remember the rant I had the other day in Girl Talk re: my rage over having to put three stamps on my Halloween cards. If you don't remember, click here for a recap. Well...the McHottie's were on the list of card recipients. McHot's wrote a post all about her appreciation of Pam101's greeting cards. You all should read it. It is a good one. READ IT!!!!

McHottie is a great gal! She is funny, smart and a super cool chick. So, what if she doesn't rejoin the P101BIBC? I still love her.
McHottie has a great blog! You all should be reading The D Spot