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PM Edition of the Hotness

It's Derby Weekend! In honor of's PM Hotness is something that will be consumed by the gallons in Kentucky this weekend! It's Burbon! Happy Friday Everyone!

The most popular bourbons in America have been, for what seems like forever, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey. But for two decades after Prohibition was repealed in 1933, when you said "bourbon," odds are you meant Four Roses. The brand was purchased by Seagram's in the '40s, and in the '50s they stopped selling it in the USA. But it remained among the top sellers in Japan and elsewhere, and in the 21st century it's re-emerged Stateside. To woo high-end bourbon connoisseurs, they've developed a lot of newfangled variations (Single Barrel, Small Batch, etc.). But the standard Four Roses Yellow label is the closest thing to what your gran'pappy might have drunk decades ago. Sipped neat, it's got lovely vanilla and honey notes; drop in an ice cube or two and woody, oaky flavors begin to predominate. It's neither overpowering nor too delicate, which makes it nice for sipping or for mixing in cocktails.


One of the LV bags I am selling, Cherry Blossom Papillon Bag

Tomorrow is the big day! The day I have been planning for weeks! I am all priced and ready to go! The items I don't want to budge on price: two faux Louis Vutton handbags, 2 dresses I have never worn and a basically brand new printer! COME OUT AND SHOP PEOPLE!!!

American's Do Love Soccer!!

South Africa Prepares to Welcome the World
by: William J. Burns, Under Secretary for Political Affairs.

If you're a World Cup aficionado, you'll feel at home in Cape Town. South Africa was another stop on my seven-country tour in Africa. The country was bursting with pre-World Cup activity. I learned that more Americans have bought tickets for the games than any nationality other than South Africa. Cape Town has a beautiful new stadium, and officials here tell me they're ready to welcome the world. The games will be a credit to South Africa and the African continent.

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Aloha Hawaii!!

Hawaii is a step closer to joining a small group of other states in allowing same-sex civil unions.

In a move that still needs the governor's signature to become law, the House of Representatives Thursday night approved a measure that has drawn some of the state's biggest protest rallies.

Republican Gov. Linda Lingle hasn't said whether she'll reject it or sign it into law but her office said later that she will carefully review the bill.

The House voted 31-20 in favor of the legislation, which had been stalled but was unexpectedly revived on the last day of this year's legislative session. The Senate passed it in January.

Thanks Pajama Pundit for sharing

Like we were 13 or something!?

The Pam101 fans love Spicy101, Mr.Spicy101 and all things Twilight. So, I thought you all would enjoy this funny email I just got from Spicy!

I was talking about you last night to Mr. Spice! All good. Mr. Spice might be out of town for the opening of Eclipse (shocker, I know) and I told him I am going to see this movie at midnight this time. I said,"I will fly to Pam's if I have to!" He said, "You girls!" Like we were 13 or something!?

I love my Twilight world...It's dark,cold and really fast (tucked hair behind ear).

Magical Forest Dinner Party!

Check out this fantastic party! Love the idea, love everything about it! Nice work Make Something Happy blog peeps! It is worth the click- Brilliant Party!

Woodland creatures strategically placed...

Pam101 LOVES the cake!

I am guessing this is the very lucky birthday girl!

New boobs? Or Knocked Up?

Is she or isn't she?

I am going to have to give credit to Dana's husband for this post. Who knew Larry could keep Pam101 looped in. Apparently, Larry heard that hottie Kate Hudson didn't get new boobs...but that she is pregnant! And the kicker...Larry told me this days ago and I didn't post it! But today I see it on Hollywood Life that there is speculation that she is pregnant. Pam101 isn't sure what she thinks...I mean...maybe it is new boobs and a burger? Either way...Kate always looks stunning and it makes me sick :)

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I didn't think it was possible to love Etsy more than I already do...

But I do! I love ETSY so much! How fantastic is this Peanut Butter and Jelly BFF Necklace!!

Etsy Description:
★ The birthplace of the original sliced bread best friends necklace set★

This peanut butter and jelly duo were originally created to be worn as best friend necklaces. Each BFF half fits together to complete the full slice of bread. Its kind of a cornball way to say "you complete me" or even, "your the peanut butter to my jelly"

Bread has been handmade from a strong, high grade polymer clay, baked then glazed. Its subtle detail in texture gives the feel of the real thing. Their peanut butter and jelly spreads have been mixed with a pearl clay to give it a nice sparkle.

Have you always dreamed of being a Rockette?

If you can make it can make it anywhere!

Radio City is holding auditions in April and May for those who want to glitter on stage come winter. Dancers must be over 18-years-old, between 5'6" and 5'10 1/2" and be proficient in jazz and tap dancing.


The LA Times talks with the Cullens

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ is a bloodbath for the Cullens
By Yvonne Villarreal, The Los Angeles Times

The family that slays together, stays together.

At least that's the case for the Cullen brood.

In "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which hits theaters June 30, Seattle is ravaged by a series of killings caused by an army of newborn vampires controlled by revenge-seeking bloodsucker Victoria. To combat the threat against Bella ( Kristen Stewart) in this third installment of the franchise, the Cullens must band together and join forces with their sworn enemies, the wolf pack.

"The whole family is in a vulnerable position because of the love we have for Bella," said Elizabeth Reaser, who plays matriarch Esme Cullen. "If she's not OK, we're not OK."

In the past, we've seen the clan hit baseballs so hard that they can play only in a thunder storm, to block out the sound. And we've watched the buttoned-up human imposters welcome Bella into their home as the human girlfriend of one of their own — the handsome Edward.

"This time around, you get to see their true vampire-ness," said Peter Facinelli, who plays head vampire Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the series based on the bestselling books by Stephenie Meyer.

What can we expect from the pale-faced Cullen family (which includes the Hale siblings) this go around? Here's what the actors say audiences can expect from the story and their characters:

"For me, as Carlisle, it's an exciting portion of the series. Carlisle is very compassionate and he has a lot of killing to do in this movie. I joke, after he kills the bad guys, he says he's sorry in his head. And, you know, he's calm and level-headed. He's the rock of the family. He usually has a lot of information to draw from because Alice can see into the future and Edward can read minds. In this third movie, he's not getting that information. Neither one of his sources are working, so he's kind of flying blind."

Reaser: "Esme is still a vampire. She still wants to kill people all day long. It was interesting to get in touch with the vampire side of her in ways that haven't really been explored. Her family is in danger and that brings out the mama bear in her.

Ashley Greene (as Alice Cullen): "Yeah, she's delicate and prissy at times, but Alice gets a little edgier with each installment. And with these vampires messing with her family and the people she loves, you're going to see a bit of her toughness. It's a reminder to the audience that even though we restrain ourselves at times, we're still vampires and we're dangerous. You're going to see the dark, dangerous side of Alice."

Kellan Lutz (as Emmett Cullen): "You're going to see a smile on Emmett's face from start to finish. He just loves to fight. And there's a lot of fighting. He sort of plays bigger in this one than the others."

Jackson Rathbone (as Jasper Hale): "You'll get to see a little bit of the root of what makes Jasper so withdrawn and quiet in the Cullen family. Fans will get some of Jasper's back story in ‘Eclipse.' I got to wear the whole Civil War gear and everything. There's a bit of the softer and darker side of Jasper in this film."

Nikki Reed (as Rosalie Hale): "You see a reason for her attitude. I think fans will feel for her. There was a bit of that in ‘New Moon.' Fans got to see a bit of her sensitive side. Her sane side. Her logical side. And her desire to help her family. This time around, she is much more of a participant. She's a survivor. This is her family. So if protecting Bella means protecting her family, she's going to do it."

Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen): Snagging a phone interview with the brooding dreamboat — who was overseas shooting his latest film, "Bel Ami" — proved difficult. So what can we expect from the lovesick Edward? He promises to love Bella "every moment of forever," as the trailer reveals. He's still hesitant about her becoming a vampire. He's determined to protect her from Victoria. And he's vying with Jacob for her affections. Oh, the life of an antique teenage vampire.

I love a good deed!

People- David Arquette was so moved by the Lakers' halftime ceremony honoring war veterans that he and three other ticket holders gave up their $3,700-a-ticket courtside seats for the vets to watch the rest of the playoff game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

"I was so shocked to meet a celebrity who was so cool and so respectful of military guys like us," says Army specialist Joey Paulk, a patient from UCLA's Operation mend program, recognized Tuesday for providing plastic surgery to veterans severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. "I was speechless. It was like a dream come true."

Dropping a Knowledge Bomb

Some KB's about bee's:

How Do Bees Make A Queen?
The making of a queen is triggered usually by a combination of conditions such as congestion in the hive and lack of egg laying space this culminates in a swarm.

Why Is There Only One Queen?
It is not understood (by man) why bees will only tolerate one queen but any attempt to introduce a second queen results in her death. If a queen dies unexpectedly during the summer the bees are able to make an emergency queen from eggs younger than 3 days old.

How Long Does A Bee Live?

In the summer a worker bee only lives for about 40 days. As no young are raised over the winter months, the workers born in the autumn will live until the following spring. A queen can live up to 5 years however for the beekeeper a queen is past her prime in her third year.

How Many Legs, Wings And Eyes Do Bees Have?
Six Legs: The rear pair are specially designed with stiff hairs to store pollen when in flying from flower to flower and the front pair have slots for cleaning their antenna.
Four Wings: The front and rear wings hook together to form one big pair of wings and unhook for easy folding when not flying.
Five Eyes: Yes honeybees have five eyes, two large compound eyes and three smaller ocelli eyes in the center of their head.

What's 'the Bees Knees'?
A popular expression is 'Its the bees knees' meaning its ideal, or the best. However although bees have legs with joints like any insect their joint have nothing like a knee cap therefore bees do not have knees as such.

Why Do Bees Make Honey?
Honeybees are special in that they over winter as a colony unlike wasps and bumblebees (see Biology). The colony does not hibernate but stays active and clusters together to stay warm. This requires a lot of food stored from the summer before. Although a hive only needs 20-30 lb of honey to survive an average winter, the bees are capable, if given the space of collecting much more. This is what the beekeeper wants them to do.
Bees have been producing honey the same way for over one hundred and fifty million years

How Much Honey Can One Beehive Produce?
One hive can produce 60lb (27kg) or more in a good season, however an average hive would be around 25lb (11kg) surplus.
Bees fly about 55,000 miles to make just one pound of honey, that’s 1½ times around the world!

Holy BEEP! Didn't see this coming!!

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have broken up after nearly five years together, reports.

They have a 2-year-old daughter, Nahla, together, and the family was snapped at the zoo together in early April. According to Radar, the split happened a couple of months ago and Halle and Gabriel have already hammered out a custody and financial agreement with a lawyer. Their last joint red carpet appearance (pictured) was at a benefit in October.

A source speculates to Radar that their age difference (she's 43, he's 34) was a strain on the relationship.

"Gabriel just felt it wasn't working anymore," the source said. "When they were first together the 9-year age difference between them didn't phase him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever dated and he was totally in love. But as time went on he started feeling it more and more. Also, Gabriel started noticing other women, and being attracted to other, and he felt it just wasn't right to stay with Halle in those circumstances."

The source told Radar that Gabriel just wanted a 50/50 custody agreement, which Halle agreed to, and did not go after her money.

You know your a complete tool when Eminem raps about you

PITTSBURGH — Eminem mentions Ben Roethlisberger in his latest song: "Despicable."

The million-selling rapper refers to the Steelers' troubled quarterback in explicit lyrics and with the lines, "I'd rather turn this club into a bar room brawl. Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall."

A 20-year-old college student accused Roethlisberger of sexual assault following a March 3 incident in a Milledgeville, Ga., nightclub. Roethlisberger doesn't face charges, but he was suspended for six games by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

While Eminem is releasing a new album called "Recovery," the song referencing Roethlisberger will not be included. The song was posted at a website co-founded by Eminem's manager.

Penguins Open Second Round Friday at Home Against Montreal Tonight!

The Pittsburgh Penguins open their second-round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Montreal Canadiens on Friday at 7:00 pm at Mellon Arena.

Game 2 will be a matinee tilt on Sunday at 2:00 pm at Mellon Arena.

The best-of-seven semifinal series then shifts to Montreal for Games 3 and 4 on Tuesday, May 4 at 7:00 pm and Thursday, May 6 at 7:00 pm.

If necessary, Pittsburgh will also host Game 5 on Saturday, May 8 at 7:00 pm and Game 7 on Wednesday, May 12 with a time to be determined.

Conan talks to 60 Minutes

Conan O'Brien will appear on "60 Minutes" Sunday to break his silence on his departure from NBC. CBS released an excerpt* of Conan's interview with correspondent Steve Kroft.

In the interview, Conan says that if he and Jay Leno had traded places, he would not have done what Leno did.

"He went and took that show back and I think in a similar situation, if roles had been reversed, I know-- I know me, I wouldn't have done that," he told Kroft. "If I had surrendered 'The Tonight Show' and handed it over to somebody publicly and wished them well-- and then...six months later. But that's me, you know. Everyone's got their own, you know, way of doing things."

What would he have done if he were Leno?

"Done something else, go someplace else. I mean, that's just me," he said.

He added that he left NBC rather than accepting another time slot or role with the network because of the way they handled the situation.

"I think this relationship is going be toxic and maybe we just need to go our separate ways," he told Kroft. "That's really how it felt to me...and I started to feel that I'm not sure these people even really want me here....I can't do it [anymore]."

The interview airs Sunday, May 2, at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

*Due to Conan's exit agreement with NBC, he is unable to appear on TV until May 1, so CBS has just released text excerpts.

Song of the Day

AM Edition of the Hotness

Someone PLEASE buy this and put it on their dog! Love today's AM Hotness!!!
Shout out to my favorite on-line store Etsy!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

PM Edition of the Hotness

Pam101 thinks she is going to finally buy today's PM Hotness! We all know I am the world's worst today I announce that I am going to buy a Clothes Steamer! Def PM Hotness worthy!

Get all you can get girl!

HuffPost- Elin Nordegren is engaged in "round-the-clock" talks with her attorneys about divorcing Tiger Woods, a source tells the Chicago Sun-Times' Bill Zwecker. The Swedish ex-model (PHOTOS) could reportedly receive between $500 and $600 million from her husband if a divorce is reached.

Less than two weeks ago oddsmakers placed the over/under of a possible divorce settlement at $300 million, with the "under" slightly favored. Since then, however, more reports have claimed that a divorce is likely. A source recently said that a divorce is "100% happening," and Nordegren is reportedly interested in moving back to her native Sweden, where she is vacationing with her two children.

Heidi has nothing to hide.

Is this Steve Carell's last season?

EW- Dunder Mifflin Corporate won’t be happy about this. Steve Carell recently dropped a bombshell at the tail end of a BBC interview. The interviewer noted that Carell’s contract with The Office only runs through next season. Carell: “That will probably be my last year.” (NBC is not commenting on the interview.)

This may just be the opening salvo in a year-long salary negotiation (this is an NBC sitcom, after all), but if you ask me, Carell’s departure could be the best thing to happen to The Office. It could give next season an added emotional heft, not to mention the sure-to-be-hysterical turf war that could ensue over who gets to take over as head honcho of the Scranton branch. And most of this season has been spent on building up the minor characters (as in the Erin-Andy romance). It’s always hard for a show to survive without its star, but talent runs deep in the Office bench.

Take On more.


The '80s band, who gave us the memorable video for their greatest hit 'Take on Me,' have decided to call it quits, reports.

Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy will tour one last time together this year, but it will be their last.

Although they only had one hit stateside, the trio -- who released nine studio albums -- were huge outside of America. Watch 'Take on Me'

Dropping a Knowledge Bomb

Margaret Sanger was educated as and worked as a nurse. In her work with poor women on the Lower East Side of New York, she was aware of the effects of unplanned and unwelcome pregnancies. Her mother's health had suffered as she bore eleven children. She came to believe in the importance to women's lives and women's health of the availability of birth control, a term which she's credited with inventing.

In 1912, Sanger gave up nursing work to dedicate herself to the distribution of birth control information. However, the Comstock Act of 1873 was used to forbid distribution of birth control devices and information. She wrote articles on health for the Socialist Party paper, the Call, and collected and published articles as What Every Girl Should Know (1916) and What Every Mother Should Know (1917).

In 1913 she went to Europe, founding a paper, Woman Rebel, on her return. She was indicted for "mailing obscenities," fled to Europe, and the indictment was withdrawn. In 1914 she founded the National Birth Control League which was taken over by Mary Ware Dennett and others while Sanger was in Europe.

In 1916 (1917 according to some sources), Sanger set up the first birth control clinic in the United States, and the following year, she was sent to the workhouse for "creating a public nuisance." Her many arrests and prosecutions, and the resulting outcries, helped lead to changes in laws giving doctors the right to give birth control advice (and later, birth control devices) to patients.

In 1927 Sanger helped organize the first World Population Conference in Geneva. In 1942, after several organizational mergers and name changes, Planned Parenthood Federation came into being.

I want to swim in a river of malbec!

Argentina Opens the Tap for Malbec

FOR the last few years the wine business has been riddled with dire warnings and disastrous portents. In the United States and around the world, producers have struggled with the bad economy and the sluggish market. One slender segment, seemingly alone, has not only weathered the storm but also prospered: malbec from Argentina.

How can this be? Easy. It’s the right sort of wine at the right kind of price.

Argentina is pumping out a river of malbec, and it has been flying off the shelves at an astounding rate. Since 2005, shipments of Argentine malbec to the United States have quintupled, to nearly 3.15 million cases in 2009 from about 628,000 cases in 2005, according to figures from Wines of Argentina, a trade group.

While Argentine malbecs can run to much more than $100 a bottle, those aren’t the ones flowing out of the stores. Sales have been pushed upward by demand for inexpensive bottles.

Unlike European wines, whose prices have been driven up by the weakness of the dollar in relation to the euro, Argentine malbecs have benefited from the strength of the dollar against the Argentine peso. With prices remaining stable, many Americans see Argentine malbecs as great values.

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for the rest of the story

The 2010 TIME 100 List

There are so many fantastic things to post for the 2010 TIME 100 List! But here is a quick shout-out to a few of the Artists that made the list:
  • Lady Gaga
  • Conan O'Brien
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Taylor Swift
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Rob Pattinson
    Here is the blurb Chris Weitz (Weitz directed The Twilight Saga: New Moon) wrote about Rob.
    " I have to be careful about what I write here because it will be tweeted the moment TIME hits the stands. And if I say something bad about Rob Pattinson, I'm dead meat. That's the devotion the Twilight films inspire. It's certainly not how he planned it. And though I am continually impressed by the aplomb with which he handles the hysteria, I occasionally think he would take it all back if given the chance. Because essentially, Rob, 23, is a reserved, bookish sort of specimen, a guy who'd rather spend the night at the corner table in the pub with friends — a bit of a weirdo, frankly, in the best sense.

    So how to write about someone who seems to answer Freud's rhetorical question, What do women want? Perhaps it's just worth pointing out that it'd be fun to have a beer with him even if he weren't Edward Cullen. That we haven't seen a tenth of what he can do onscreen. And that important things, beyond the veil of Hollywood, occupy his time too — music, conversation, ideas, a sense of the absurd. Which, maybe, explains why he never gets to my e-mails. I love you, Rob! Call me!

I guess if your daughter gets a nose should get a face lift?

Here's the before and after of Brinkley's reported surgery

HuffPost- Looks like plastic surgery was a mother-daughter decision in the Brinkley household. Yesterday we reported that Alexa Ray Joel, the daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, got a nose job. Today via Star Magazine comes news of 56-year-old Brinkley's face-lift.

According to Star, the two women went under the knife one day apart at New York's Lenox Hill Hospital. The total cost was about $60,000.

A family spokesperson Alexa's surgery with Page Six: "Alexa had breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum and decided to correct the appearance of her nose at the same time....As far as Christie is concerned, she was at Lenox Hill to support her daughter, and throughout her career people have speculated that she's done this or that, which she always chooses to take as a compliment."

Foodies will love this!

Food Network spawns edgy, young Cooking Channel


The Cooking Channel debuts very soon and, like its well-established sister channel, it will offer 24-7 food programming. Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay and a few other Food Network stars will pull double duty on the new channel. But executives with Scripps Networks Interactive, which owns both channels, say the Cooking Channel will have a different flavor, one with more emphasis on international cuisines, drinks, food culture and advanced cooking techniques.

"The tone and the style and the feel that we're going for is a little grittier, a little younger, a little more contemporary," said Bruce Seidel, the new channel's senior vice president for programming and production.

The TV landscape is dramatically different from when the Food Network launched in 1993. Back in that pre-Iron Chef era, food shows were typically "behind-the-stove" shows on public television.

The number of hours devoted to food shows has more than tripled in five years, said Cooking Channel general manager Michael Smith. But he added that Food Network ratings grew 40 percent in the last two years even as the food field became more crowded. Scripps executives believe there is more room for foodies to get their fix, a feeling shared by industry watchers given Americans' continuing fascination with food.

The Cooking Channel will offer a stew of shows new, old and imported, starting May 31. Under a co-production deal, some shows on Food Network Canada will air later on the Cooking Channel. That includes "Food Jammers," which revolves around three Canadian guys and their goofy culinary inventions like 3-D pizza and a taco vending machine. The channel also is bringing over shows like "Indian Food Made Easy" from England.

The channel also will rerun shows of pre-cable pioneers Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet (a.k.a. Graham Kerr). Current Food Network stars doubling up on the Cooking Channel will offer some change-ups. Aida Mollenkamp of the Food Network's "Ask Aida," for instance, leaves the studio to milk goats and dip truffles in chocolate as she investigates artisan foods in "Foodcrafters."

Pam101 has a new product she needs to share!

My BFF in Florida, Stephanie, kept raving about her Mac eyeliner. I was wandering through Georgetown on Monday (with Lils after having a lobster roll) and popped into the M.A.C store. I decided I would buy the Fluideline eyeliner (and I bought Lady Gaga's lipstick). LOVE IT! Throw our your old liner ladies...this stuff needs to be in your make-up bag!

Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes.

Pam101's family farm should turn into a Wind Farm!

Gov't OKs 1st US offshore wind farm, off Mass.

After more than eight years
of lawsuits and government reviews, the Obama administration cleared the way for the nation's first offshore wind farm.

"We are beginning a new direction in our nation's energy future," U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar declared in announcing his approval of the $2 billion Cape Wind project, which would finally allow the U.S. to join the list of major countries that are producing electricity from sea breezes.

The project has faced intense opposition from two Indian tribes and some environmentalists and residents, including the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who warned that the windmills could mar the ocean view. They would be visible from the Kennedy compound at Hyannis Port.

Salazar said the project's developers can protect local culture and beauty while expanding the nation's supply of renewable energy.

The developers are hoping to begin construction this year and start generating power by late 2012 – provided the venture isn't stopped by further lawsuits.

Members of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe of Martha's Vineyard have vowed to go to court, saying the project would interfere with sacred rituals and desecrate long-submerged tribal burial sites. Other groups said they would sue immediately.

A morning history lesson

The Man Who Double-Crossed The Founders
It was just after the Revolutionary War — at a time when a young United States and a mighty Spain were fighting for control of North America — that American war hero James Wilkinson marched across the border between the U.S. and Spanish-ruled Louisiana to sign a secret allegiance to Spain.

"Some people are born to treachery," author Andro Linklater tells NPR's Steve Inskeep, "and I think he was."

The most notorious American traitor you've probably never heard of, Gen. James Wilkinson is the subject of Linklater's book An Artist in Treason: The Extraordinary Double Life of General James Wilkinson.

Wilkinson's betrayals began after his service in the Continental Army ended. He crossed the Appalachian Mountains and joined the masses of pioneers eager to profit in the fertile Kentucky fields. He became a land speculator — and then, like many of his fellow homesteaders, fell promptly into debt.

But Wilkinson had charm — it would come in handy later, in his career as a spy — to help him survive.

"There was a guy, very old-timer, and he said he could remember Wilkinson being called on by somebody he owed money to," Linklater says. "The conversation went on all afternoon, and when it was over, the guy Wilkinson owed money to came away having lent him another $500."

Soon enough, though, Wilkinson had found another, more lucrative form of survival: selling American secrets to the Spanish empire.

Pam101 likes this!!!

Ricky Gervais will be returning as host at The Golden Globes 2011.

The British comedian is set to present the award ceremony for the second year running despite mixed reviews about his performance this January.

Gervais stated: "I suppose it is flattering, to be honest, and it was a surprise. I had so much fun last year."

He added: "I'm going to go out all this time. I'm going to make sure they're never going to invite me back. I can't believe they invited me back after awful things I said. Let's see how far I can take it this time."

Is this a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

Jennifer Lopez at the UK premiere for "The Back-Up Plan". What are our thoughts. Pam101 thinks she likes it...but then again I have also loved bee-hive hairdo's!

Suri should make a cameo in this...

People- Katie Holmes will soon be one of the country's most famous first ladies – at least on the small screen.

The actress has signed on to star in The Kennedys, an eight-hour mini series premiering in 2011 on the History Channel, as Jacqueline Kennedy, alongside Greg Kinnear, British actor Tom Wilkinson and Barry Pepper, the network said Wednesday.

Kinnear stars as President John F. Kennedy, while Pepper will play the role of Robert Kennedy. Wilkinson, who played Benjamin Franklin in 2008's John Adams, will portray Joe Kennedy Sr.

Song of the Day

AM Edition of the Hotness

How cool is this Nigh Owl Window mural for your wall?! This decal would look great on any wall!
Def...AM Hotness worthy!

It's getting worse not better....

NEW ORLEANS — A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is even worse than believed and as the government grows concerned that the rig's operator is ill-equipped to contain it, officials are offering a military response to try to avert a massive environmental disaster along the ecologically fragile U.S. coastline.

Speaking Thursday on NBC's "Today" show, an executive for BP PLC, which operated the oil rig that exploded and sank last week, said the company would welcome help from the U.S. military.

"We'll take help from anyone," BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said.

But time may be running out. Not only was a third leak discovered – which government officials said is spewing five times as much oil into the water than originally estimated – but it might be closer to shore than previously known, and could have oil washing up on shore by Friday.

At the same time, there appeared to be a rift developing between BP and the Coast Guard, which is overseeing the increasingly desperate operation to contain the spill and clean it up.

Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry was emphatic at a hastily called news conference late Wednesday that the new leak was discharging 5,000 barrels a day of sweet crude, not the 1,000 barrels officials had estimated for days since the Deepwater Horizons drilling rig exploded and sank 50 miles off the Louisiana Coast.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PM Edition of the Hotness

How cute are these eye masks! So cute that they are today's PM Hotness! Makes a great shower, bridesmaid, spa gift!

Season Three of True Blood Cast Photo

click on the photo to have a better view

With the tag line "Do Bad Things", the poster is ordinary if people won't look beyond the positioning of each character. Bill, Sookie and Eric love triangle is put upfront and center while former flames Tara and Sam are huddled together in the back. The poster, while presenting none of the new characters in season 3, does include Pam, Jessica and Lafayette. And notice the wolf by Eric but what is with the snakes...

I love Vampire Eric and Pam!

This webisode features Eric and his second in command Pam. The vampires are auditioning for the new stripper for Fangtasia but fall upon a bunch of weirdos before finding a Russian beauty. The webisode which will be released each week leading to the season premiere includes a reference to Pam being a lesbian and vampires having dry sense of humor. As previously reported, the webisode will not interfere with the new season or has anything to do with season 2.


Three-day-old pinto stallion named Einstein born at Tiz a miniature Horse Farm Friday feeds with its mother Tiz Fenisse in Barnstead, N.H., Sunday, April 25,2010. The diminutive horse born in New Hampshire could lay claim to the world record for lightweight foal. The pinto stallion named Einstein weighed just 6 pounds and measured 14 inches in height when he was born Friday in Barnstead, N.H. Those proportions fit a human baby just about right but are downright tiny for horse, even a miniature breed like Einstein.

Looks like we all should be eating sardines!

Sardines (Pacific, wild-caught) are one of the healthiest foods we can consume, according to the health and environmental experts interviewed for “Sea Change” in the latest issue of EatingWell magazine. Sardines are one of the best sources of omega-3 fats, with a whopping 1,950 mg/per 3 oz. (that’s more per serving than salmon, tuna or just about any other food) and they’re packed with vitamin D.

If you’re trying sardines for the first time, or you just really want to learn to like them, here are a few tips and a few recipes to stoke your sardine love:

* For the uninitiated, a good place to start is with a boneless, skinless variety. They come packed in water or olive oil. They’re mild, and can be used in recipes in place of canned tuna fish.
* If you’re lucky enough to have fresh sardines available in your supermarket, try them in place of the canned sardines. Lightly dredge them in salt-and-pepper-seasoned flour and sauté them in a little olive oil.
* Sardines also come smoked, and come packed in sauces like tomato and mustard—give one of these a try. Smear them on a cracker or piece of toast for a snack or light lunch.
* For veteran sardine eaters, the sky’s the limit! Sardines with bones and skin are delicious, too, and they look awesome on top of a salad or platter. P.S. The bones and skin are both edible. Those tiny bones deliver calcium too!

Pam101 is totally having an Eclipse party!!!!!

The invitations....

The stickers for the gift bags....

The plates....

Thanks to Party America all of us can have a Twilight Eclipse Party!!
The thing is...they are basically sold out of everything! Don't you worry...Pam101 is going to stay on this and order stuff! A few of you lucky fans will be getting an invite!

Have an extraordinary tale with our Eclipse Party supplies. Thrill your guests with your favorite trio Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black with our Eclipse party supplies. Use Eclipse party supplies under a New Moon or during an Eclipse! Eclipse party supplies include tableware and party favors.

Breaking Dawn has their director!

Los Angeles, CA April 28, 2010 – Summit Entertainment has confirmed that Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg, and will star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt, and Stephenie Meyer will produce the project.

"Bringing Stephenie Meyer's BREAKING DAWN to the screen requires a graceful and intelligent hand and we believe Bill Condon is exactly the right steward, having shown equal and abundant talents of immense creativity and subtle sensitivity,” said Erik Feig, President of Production and Acquisitions, for Summit Entertainment.

Added author Stephenie Meyer, "I'm so thrilled that Bill wants to work with us. I think he's going to be a great fit, and I'm excited to see what he does with the material."

“I'm very excited to get the chance to bring the climax of this saga to life on-screen. As fans of the series know, this is a one-of-a-kind book - and we're hoping to create an equally unique cinematic experience," said Bill Condon.

Condon is well known for writing and directing DREAMGIRLS, KINSEY, and GODS AND MONSTERS, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1999. He was nominated for a second Oscar for his screenplay for the movie musical CHICAGO in 2003. Most recently the multi-hyphenate directed the pilot episode for the Showtime series “The Big C” and produced the 81st Annual Academy Awards telecast, hosted by Hugh Jackman.

And now you can pretend to be engaged to Edward Cullen

Twilight Eclipse is set to hit theaters this June and now true fans can have their own little piece if it by buying their very own copy of the engagement ring Edward gives to Bella.
Co-designed by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer and Infinite Jewelry Co., the ring appears just as it's described in the book: a domed-oval gold ring with brilliant cut diamonds. Handmade by artisans with an open-work gallery and 13 diamonds totaling approximately 1.06 carats, the ring is available 14k yellow or white gold for $1,979.

Girls are going SCREAM at this scene in the movie (I know I will)

Dang...why can't we all be happy with what we have?

I like pre nose job Alexa...

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's daughter Alexa Ray got a nose job earlier this month, she told People.

"I was thinking about getting this for years," said Alexa, 24. She said her nose "always bothered me a little bit. I was self-conscious of pictures taken from the side. To some people that's vain, but at the end of the day, we all want to feel pretty."

23 closets is worth $19 million

NYT- Sting Sells Co-op on Central Park

A duplex apartment owned by Sting has just gone into contract.

The 6,600-square-foot co-op in the Brentmore at 88 Central Park West, has been on and off the market since 2006. The place has been listed with Mark D. Friedman and Robert Cabrera at Halstead Property for about a year. The asking price was $19 million.

The apartment, which was once owned by Billy Joel, has five bedrooms, four full bathrooms and 23 closets, according to the listing.

How awesome are these cupcakes!

How cool are these Muppet cupcakes?!

Dropping a Knowledge Bomb

Dropping some KB's about dirt!

* Soil makes up the outermost layer of our planet.
* Topsoil is the most productive soil layer.
* Soil has varying amounts of organic matter (living and dead organisms), minerals, and nutrients.
* Five tons of topsoil spread over an acre is only as thick as a dime.
* Natural processes can take more than 500 years to form one inch of topsoil.
* Soil scientists have identified over 70,000 kinds of soil in the United States.
* Soil is formed from rocks and decaying plants and animals.
* An average soil sample is 45 percent minerals, 25 percent water, 25 percent air, and five percent organic matter.
* Different-sized mineral particles, such as sand, silt, and clay, give soil its texture.
* Fungi and bacteria help break down organic matter in the soil.
* Plant roots and lichens break up rocks which become part of new soil.
* Roots loosen the soil, allowing oxygen to penetrate. This benefits animals living in the soil.
* Erosion GraphicRoots hold soil together and help prevent erosion.
* Five to 10 tons of animal life can live in an acre of soil.
* Earthworms digest organic matter, recycle nutrients, and make the surface soil richer.
* Soil GraphicMice take seeds and other plant materials into underground burrows, where this material eventually decays and becomes part of the soil.
* Mice, moles, and shrews dig burrows which help aerate the soil.