Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sports...A Dish Best Served HOT!

Pens Max Talbot rocks a good beard
Pam101 is a big fan of a man who can rock a beard. As a Dad always had a good beard...and when he shaved I hated it. Just looks weird. Anyway, this isn't a trip down memory lane, this is a HOT Dish on beard talk. So let's dish...

I am pretty sure that there is an Art to the Beard. These things don't maintain themselves. And not all hockey players (men in general) can handle a beard. Hockey in general is a very manly sport. Hitting, Fighting, Swearing, Sweating and adding a beard on top of that already manly mix just adds that extra drop of hotness.

So, I say...why do we wait for Playoff's for all these dudes to grow beards. Rock em all year! Keep your face warm on that ice.
Mad Men rock beards! John Slattery and Jon Hamm - Penguins vs Rangers, January 25th 2010

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