Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spicy and Pam101 take on 200,000 people!

Let's talk Rally to Restore Sanity!

Over 200,000 people! Think about that! Spicy101 and I were just 2 people in a sea of over 200,000! We made our way there...only to not hear or see any of the rally. We basically spent an hour and a half moving through the 200,000 plus inch by inch as we worked our way across the National Mall. I was super happy that there were that many people but I had no desire to stay there. Thankfully Spicy101 didn't either. Finally after we wormed our way to sweet freedom we grabbed some lunch. There were some fantastic signs at this Rally and the people who were in attendance were all nice, friendly and extremely sane.

You couldn't see, breath or move in this crowd.

Spicy101 at her first Rally. Too bad we didn't last.

I should have bought one.

Nothing says Rally like boa's

About as close to the Stage as we got. We were still 2 football fields away.

Pam101 will admit...I had moments where I thought we would be trapped forever.

Some great signs!

We found Waldo!


Sweeeeet FREEDOM!

So, this is a map of the National Mall.  I need you to envision this covered with 200,000 people. And then picture me and Spicy walking across from Independence all the way to Constitution. Spice had to hold onto Pam101 because I worked my way through that crowd. It was MADNESS!

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