Thursday, July 29, 2010

A very very random Gchat with JenMo re: celebs!

Please enjoy this funny conversation JenMo and I just had. My fave part is at the very end when we discuss the fashion of one of the Kardashian's BF's. It's awesome.

pam101: and do we think Mel Gibson is going to bounce back from this drama?

jenmo: nope, i think he's toast

pam101: I do too. i would think that no one in your hometown will want to work with him ever again

jenmo: oh for sure, i think hollywood's more forgiving of addicts

pam101: DC...we never forget

jenmo: ahahahha

pam101: i want to be a celeb, like paris hilton...minus the skankiness...just be for friends to travel with me

jenmo: i want to be kourtney kardashian, minus the douchey boyfriend

pam101: TOTALLY!
Why is she with him?
I REFUSE to date a man who wears coral pants, blue blazer and a pocket square
oh and NO SOCKS!
WTF is up with that?!

jenmo: hahaha i know!
it's not at all her style either
cause she's not preppy

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