Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Team Jacob, He's in Pittsburgh....

Since Pam101 keeps me up to date on the current events of what is happening around the world, celebs, silly bands, etc. Then it's my duty to pass them along to the younger crowd. AKA my girlfriends 10 year old. We'll call her Little G.

So, I called Little G to let her know the exciting news that Mr. Taylor Lautner is in Pittsburgh. Her response was 'Awesome' in her little whisper voice. Which I'm sure turned into a scream and some sort of dance as soon as we got off the phone!

She was pretty excited because she left her mother a bright florescent sign in the kitchen that said “Team Jacob, he’s in Pittsburgh ”.

Looks like we are going to be doing some werewolf hunting here in Pittsburgh! Above is Little G's shirt that she has and I'm sure she'll be wearing it this weekend when she goes to see Eclipse.

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