Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Happiness is all in a name, just ask Judy and Joshua.
Names can predict how happy we are as individuals, psychologists claim after finding people called Judy and Joshua enjoy life the most.

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh my GOD! What is that THING?!?! It looks like a two-headed monster!

Cowboy boots

Top 5 things about Austin:

1. Breakfast tacos – They are a must have. Austin prides itself on food and this is a great place to get tacos. Try Juan in a Million, a whole in the wall with a giant breakfast taco, the “Don Juan” for about 3 bucks. It was featured on travel channel. Smothered in guacamole and salsa!! HEAVEN
2. The Mexican Martini – only made in Texas! Go to Trudy’s, Chuys for great Tex Mex and Mexican Martinis. A lot of people also like Guero’s on South Congress…
3. BBQ – another must have. So many great places to choose from but I would take a trek out to the Salt Lick, about 20 minutes south of Austin. It is to DIE FOR! YOU HAVE TO GO TO SALT LICK!!!!! Bring some beer and kick back! Go hungry.
4. South Congress – for vintage shopping, lunch or cupcakes…Really cute stores!
5. Alamo Drafthouse – theater with food and drinks. Great movies, indie films or novelty/comedy shows.

Need a photographer in Austin?

If so...I have a brilliant one for you! Francis Cruzada has mad skills. Check out his link. Enjoy!

Great Site

Jeff recommended a great website to me...and I fell in love with it! Check out http://doorsixteen.com/

Really great creative ideas for any home.

Hotness of the Day

New feature to my already awesome blog...Hotness of the Day.
Today's hotness is: Men with Guitars.
Enjoy the hotness

Monday, March 30, 2009

One of the best shows on TV

How I Met Your Mother is one of the BEST shows on TV. If you don't watch it...Start!

This is not ShamTastic

ShamWow pitchman Vince Shlomi was arrested on felony battery charges in Miami last month following a violent encounter with a hooker, according to The Smoking Gun:
Shlomi told cops he paid [Sasha] Harris about $1000 in cash after she "propositioned him for straight sex." Shlomi said that when he kissed Harris, she suddenly "bit his tongue and would not let go." Shlomi then punched Harris several times until she released his tongue. The affidavit...notes that during the 4 AM fight Harris sustained facial fractures and lacerations all over her face.... After freeing his tongue, a bleeding Shlomi ran to the [hotel] lobby, where security summoned cops. Harris refused to cooperate with officers, who recovered $930 from her purse.
Harris is reportedly considering a lawsuit against Shlomi, though prosecutors "declined to file formal charges" against him.

Declutter your life

Here is a great website that will help you become more organized. And they also have great Easter decorations!! Enjoy!


It's official...I am not the only one who is in love with Robert Pattinson. Just want to share some hottness. Oh' and I just bought two magazines because he was on the cover...bad.


This post is about my dear friend, Milli. Milli is the most talented photographer I know. What makes Milli so amazing is she can capture any moment. Her shots are creative, artsy, thoughtful…She is so good with lighting and I think that is the by far the trickiest thing to get. You aren't even aware that she is taking photos. Then she shows them to you and you are floored. You look at her photos and you can tell what emotion the person was feeling at that very moment. She always captures it… That is talent.

A few of Milli's photos are above. Mad Talent!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

This is bad....way bad....

One of my best friends, Stephanie, told me she got hooked on the Twilight books. I was like, come on we aren't teenagers...why are you reading them?! So, I put the movie on my Netflix and got it a few days ago. Well, since then I have watched it 5 times and i can't stop! I am developing a mad crush on Robert Pattinson...this is bad news.

Oh'and Jeff got me the book for my Birthday!!!! I am already 20 pages in after an hour!


After a very fun filled evening…treat yourself. I am headed to the spa this afternoon for a much needed massage…I deserve it!

Always have a party favor

I found these great little boxes at a candy store. They are perfect for individual cupcake boxes! Also, how great is the hot pink icing! PS- it can stain :)


Dinner party was a huge success! Everyone mingled, drank, ate...lots of laughter! Another little tip ...plan food that can "sit". I made two dishes that I was able to leave in the oven until we were ready to eat. This is a huge help especially when people are still having fun during cocktail hour and you don't want to rush them to the table! It was a great party...what made it even more special was the big thank yous I got when my guests left! And they left with a cupcake :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

my checklist

1. Good lighting. I have candles placed all around and I also have these great Ikea star lights that create some very nice lighting without being too bright.
2. Make sure you have water out for your guests. You never know who doesn't want alcohol...maybe someone at your party is pregnant?!
3. Always clean your bathroom!! I do what I call the "man test" I always clean under the seat!! Stand if front of your toilet and lift it up...that is the "man test"!
4. Do your dishes as you go...at the end of the night the last thing you want to be doing is a sink full of dishes!
5. Have a glass of wine as you work...wine always makes things better :)


You can't tell but this icing is HOT PINK!! I love it!

Who sits where....

I am a big believer in seating charts. This helps me with my planning, prep work and also the layout of my apartment! Like I said I have 17 people coming over...and I have some really petite friends and some very muscular ones (6'2 Baltimore Trooper)...so I need to think through my table. I made super cute and very inexpensive place cards. I like the table to be formal but very fun. I think I have accomplished that!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Prep Work

I haven't stopped since I got home...Had to pick up the last few items for tomorrow's birthday dinner. Once I got home from the grocery store it was Prep Work Time! Moved tables around, baked cake and cupcakes (photo above is going to look way better tomorrow). The photo isn't the best but you can also see my bar area. This is just four TV trays pushed together with fabric over them. Pretty good idea...because what city dweller has an extra table hanging around? Not too many. I have my glasses and wine all ready to go.
Place is going to look great for tomorrow...but for now I am in my PJ's and ready to watch Twilight!

Dinner Party for 17

As I have mentioned before I am hosting a Birthday dinner party for yours truly this Saturday. Many of my "followers" (really only one of you) has asked that I post my menu. Well...here it is.
I wanted to keep the menu family style. Just big delicious dishes of food we can all pass around the table. When I am hosting a large event I start planning at the beginning of the week. I set up the tables, bar area and even place candles in the right spots. All of this prep work helps so I am not scrambling at the last minute. And I always have the wine chilled and the champagne on ice.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Eggplant Parmesan
Chicken Cacciatore

Birthday Cake


David Lampson, from Boston, and Maria Faccioti, of Argentina, tango at Salón Canning.
Published: March 16, 2008

THE tango dancers took their places inside a cramped apartment in downtown Buenos Aires, as David Lampson, a 29-year-old television writer from Boston, wiped his brow. Despite the 100-degree weather, the fans had been shut off, spotlights switched on and windows blacked out with trash bags. The cameraman waited until the smoke machine blurred the parquet floor before yelling “Action!” Then just as the iTunes track reached its dramatic crescendo, the fuse blew. For the fourth time.

Three beers and a chili dog

Had a great Birthday! Thank you to the eight of you that read my blog and wished me a happy day! My 29th Birthday came to an end at a the little landmark called, Bens Chili Bowl. Ariel and I both enjoyed a dog (i had a hot dog, she had a half smoke) smothered in chili and some fries to share. Yes, this is the way to end a birthday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cupcakes anyone????

Just got a great surprise from my co-workers! Georgetown cupcakes! Best cupcake in DC ...next to mine that is :)

This is a great story by my cube-mate Erika Lovley. Fun life piece that was in today's POLITICO.

Oh, and the brilliant cartoon is by Matt Wuerker...a genius!

This is what life is all about.


Ok, I don't know how to upload the video...so click on the link.

From Mike Allen's Playbook

BIRTHDAY-PALOOZA: Politico’s Pam Pulkownik (h/t Campbell Roth) …

You Must Be Loved

A co-worker just walked by and said... "You must be loved"...and I totally agree with her.

Birthday breakfast

My birthday breakfast was the cupcake, shout out to Jackie and Ariel for the Georgetown Cupcake, and the orange was Meagan's.
You all thought the orange was mine...who are you kidding!

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 29th Birthday! 29! Lucy, my niece, called me and wished me a Happy Birthday and that is all a girl can ask for!

I am throwing a big dinner party this weekend. 17 people at a sit down dinner party in a small apartment...I will def post my photos and ideas on how to make it succesful!

In the mean time enjoy the photo of the cake my Mom made me last time I was home. It was the best cake I have ever had! Oh' and the little finger...that would be Lucy. The girl loves her some icing :)

Enjoy and take a moment today to celebrate me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Mom is Devastated!

Last night on Dancing with the Stars…Max got booted. I blame his partner, Denise Richards. All I know is last night I heard my Mom’s heart breaking because now she won’t get to see her favorite shirtless dancer.

Cupcakes and Eggplant.

That is what I named my blog. I thought maybe I should explain why. For those of you that know me...know that I make killer cupcakes! For some reason they just always turn out great. My favorite just happen to be chocolate with white icing. They never fail.

Eggplant. The whole idea for this blog developed over a dish of eggplant parmesan. I had never made it before and it knocked my socks off! Delicious!

So there you have it...cupcakes and eggplant.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My love lives in Austin

One of my best friends lives in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas! By far one of the best cities I have ever been too. You can get the best breakfast taco at Juan in a Million, drink your worries away with delicious margaritas and then hit up some great shops!

Boo aka Laura, friend in Austin, knows I love to cook and entertain. Laura would rave to me about her favorite kitchen gadget...the panini press! And wouldn't you know that is exactly what Santa Boo brought me!

My first attempt at the panini was a bit of a mess...I guess I just assumed it would flatten out just right, well I don't think they are meant to start with out 10 pounds of grilled vegetables. Regardless it turned out perfectly!

Thanks Boo and thanks for being you!

Big news on Grey's and Lost!

Scoop: Who's getting married on 'Lost' and 'Grey's'?
by Michael Ausiello
Categories: Grey's Anatomy, Lost

If you've been bummed out by all my end-of-season death charts and suicide blind items, I've got just the pick-me-up for you: Lost and Grey's Anatomy are both heading for weddings!
An ABC insider confirms that Lost will begin filming a wedding ceremony later today that is slated to air during the show's two-hour finale on May 13. Who's getting hitched? Here are a pair of clues: Actors of Asian-American descent are being sought to play extras, and the wedding will take place on the mainland, not the island. That pretty much rules out Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Juliet. "One theory is that it's a flashback to Sun and Jin's wedding," whispers a Lost insider. "But the wild rumor is that Sun and Jin's daughter will marry Aaron in the future."
Over at Grey's, series creator Shonda Rhimes has already confirmed that one of the show's couples will tie the knot later this season, and there's increasingly loud buzz that the event will take place on May 7, during the show's landmark 100th episode, appropriately titled "Beautiful Day." Adding to the speculation: The episode will feature a minister.

The bigger question than when it will happen, of course, is who is walking down the aisle? One source close to Grey's says Derek and Meredith will finally take the plunge -- something a show spokesperson would neither confirm nor deny.

Keep in mind, Rhimes said viewers would be surprised by the wedding. What would be so surprising about a Mer-Der ceremony? Ironically, the speed with which it would have taken place. Sure, the star-crossed lovers have been dating for five years, but a May 7 wedding would make for a lightning-fast, seven-week engagement (that's assuming Mer accepts Der's elevator proposal this Thursday, and all indications are that she will).

"Shonda is probably counting on fans thinking a Der-Mer engagement would be just as drawn out as their courtship," speculates one Grey's insider. "So to marry them off seven weeks after getting engaged would certainly qualify as a surprise."

My dream shoe

So, as many of you know my Birthday is 2 days away. I love Birthdays! I love celebrating, planning and hosting them! That is why this year I will be throwing myself a dinner party! My dinner parties are a sorta "hot ticket" in this town. I bet the Obama's will even try to get on my guest list...I will see if I can make room for them.

As long as I can remember I have always had a birthday wish list...this doesn't change with age. The only thing that changes is the list gets smaller but the price of the gift gets larger.