Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you Julia Child and Ariel

The stunning Ariel’s party wouldn’t have been the success it was if Julia Child hadn’t written her boeuf bourguignon recipe. It was easy to make (just a handful of steps) and the final result was worth every pot and pan I had to wash! It was delicious! Julia suggested serving it with boiled potatoes…While Julia didn’t say to cover them in butter…I did and tossed in some parsley.

The evening had everything you need for a successful party. Great people, Champagne and Wine, Delicious food...the only not so hot part was knowing that in a week Ariel will be headed back to Chicago. Maybe I’ll throw her a party there!?

So, thank you Julia Child! Thank you for guiding me through the steps to make a delicious meal for a great friend. And Thank You, Ariel for being a great friend, a savvy journalist and a top notch fashionista!

Vintage stemware, silver and plates set the table

Boiled potatoes with butter and parsley

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

The plates

Looks like everyone enjoyed their meal

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