Saturday, September 6, 2014

so much little time.

Pam101's parents have had an amazing garden this year.
Everyday I am getting more and more produce.
Right now in my fridge I have 2 heads of cabbage (one green/one red), monster sweet potatoes and banana peppers.  On my counter I have a basket of tomatoes.
I swear you can taste the sun in every bite.
I have always loved veggies but this summer has taken it to a whole new level of love.
Oh and don't even get me started on the pepper jelly Mama101 made....amazeballs!

Ladies who wear hats

Dear Sweet newest faux niece, Delaney, is hands down the cutest baby.
I am pretty sure she gets her fashion forwardness and love of hats from her Aunt Pam.

The joy of having your heart ripped out

While in Vegas I made the wonderful mistake of starting The Fault In Our Stars. 
Holy rip my heart out.
Wonderfully written but achingly sad.
I am sure the cocktails I had by the pool didn't help with my tears.
After having Boo slap me to get it to "pull it together" i went about my day.
Then I finished it on the plane ride home. 
Poor Kylie...I am pretty sure she will never sit beside me again.
And thank you to the Southwest Flight Attendant who brought me extra napkins and more water as I sobbed.
Great book, must read and prepare yourself. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Spray Tan...Love and Hate!

Before Vegas I got a spray tan.  
My pale Irish/Polish skin doesn't get to bronzed so I figured why not get a little color before jetting off the land of sin, thongs, dollar bills and fake boobs.
I really liked the tan look, except for my hands and heels that looked so ridiculously awful!  Funny awful.
And right after the spray application I looked like a female weightlifter-I was oompha loompa orange.  Girls do weird things. 

Are you there August? It's me Pam101

It has been said that this "has been the fastest summer in the history of summers."  Now, Brian Williams didn't say this or anyone important or smart but this quote came from yours truly. 

I am blaming the fastest summer in the history of summers on my non-blogging month of August.  And now it is Labor Day weekend, the non-official but official last weekend of summer.

August was hands down the busiest but yet I feel like I did nothing month of my life. 

And how can I say I did nothing because in a few moments I am going to post photos of everything that I have been doing and you too will shake your head and say, "What do you mean you haven't been doing anything!" 

August was wonderful.  I spent much needed quality time with my favorite Aunt.  I headed to Vegas for the weekend with some of my BFF's and unfortunately didn't make out with JT but we did check out his unbelievable concert at MGM (he is worth every penny).  I made my way to Florida for some family time. Sure, it rained a lot while I was there and I sulked around because I hate using vacation days on bad weather days.  But Florida means family, lounging, drinking and eating.  I did all of those things. Pretty sure I ate a whole Texas Sheet Cake.   I actually took a nap while I was in Florida- and this never happens.  And in between all of these great things we have been celebrating my amazing niece's 8th birthday.  How in the world is she 8 already?   I spent time with Dana and her family and squeezing little baby Delaney's squishy cheeks, we had another Yinzer Dinner and my friend Kylie moved in for a bit while she house-hunts.  So, yea August was hella busy.  Oh, I read a lot!

As a notorious over-planner I have been penciling in upcoming events/activities on the rest of the year and into 2015.  I get a thrill in knowing I have plans but after this month of running everywhere I so want some days of nothing.  But I know me...and when I am doing nothing I feel like I am wasting time. 

I often say I am the most overly ambitious but horribly lazy person.  I have such big ideas/goals but can easily convienve myself to chuck all those ambitious out the window.  Last night for example, I was to blog, replant a flower, assemble new Origami Owl items and then do something with all of the fresh tomatoes Mom101 sent me.  You want to know what I needed and really wanted to do....lay on the couch.  And that's what I did...and I felt lame the whole night.  

So, as September is just a few night's sleep away I again pledge to get back to you all.  I keep you posted on my amazing life and adventures.  

Photograpic evidence of my amazing August

Great time with my niece, Lucy and nephew, Will.  

Delaney is now over 2 months old and couldn't be any cuter, sweeter, squishier and more perfect!

In early August my Aunt Bev came up to Southwestern PA and spent lots of time with us.  We enjoyed girls days, the spa, champagne and my patio and of course we celebrated Lucy's upcoming 8th birthday.  
Wonderful want to kick off August.

I may have found the perfect amount of Vegas time! 2 nights and 3 days!  The ladies and I headed to Sin City to see Justin Timberlake, to lounge in the intense heat and drink some cocktails. Oh and to gamble (I lost $80.00).   It was a great weekend that we hope to make an annual thing. 

Florida Family Fun!  The kids all had a great time together.  Here is hoping these cousins are as I was with mine.  Seriously cute kids! Not gonna lie though...after 5 days with 4 kids under the age of 7, Aunt Pam was mentally checked out and needed a vacation from that vacation. 

Wrapped up August with a great Yinzer Dinner.  The usual suspects attended this "Endless Summer" themed dinner.  Great food, great friends and of course lots of laughs. Oh and cute babies too!


 Lucy signed up for Cheerleading! Time for Aunt Pam101 to bust out the old pom-poms, megaphone and try to remember what I knew 20 some years ago.  Hope I don't break a hip!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Holy Moly it's been almost a month!

My apologies Pam101 fans...all four of you. 
I do have a list of fun stories/life updates for you all and my goal is to get them posted through the weekend. 
Until then enjoy some photos from my iBaby and I'll be back.


Friday, July 25, 2014

It's her favorite theatrical production

From green to red in a day or so

The Pam101 family garden has gone from green to red.
And that's a good thing.
Tomatoes are coming on...
They are delicious. 
Wish i could send everyone some Pam101 family produce. 

Oh and Pam101 decided to whip up a Fried Green Tomato for dinner.
Healthy- Probably not.
Delicious- Yes!

Spice and Pam101 go Glamping!

Last weekend Spice and I hit the open road and headed to Ohiopyle State Park.  Ohiopyle is located right off of Historic Route 40 and is nestled in the Laurel Highlands. Oh and it's also only an hour away from Pittsburgh! Win Win!

We couldn't have picked a better campsite.  Site 226 was absolutely perfect.  Roxie was tucked into the woods, we weren't right beside anyone and we were only a short walk to the restrooms (which were kept clean-thank you PA State Parks!).  We set up camp, hung up lights, put up the pop up canopy to protect us from the rain the weatherman said was coming and got our campfire going.  We made amazing cocktails, Rosemary Gin Fizz, made a floral centerpiece and ate amazing brie, turkey and jelly sandwiches that we grilled over the campfire. the rain...yes, weather man was right and it rained all day Saturday.  Gave it a nice Twilight/Forks vibe the whole day.  And you know we love all things Edward Cullen.   We spent the morning exploring Kentuck Knob, a home designed by the brilliant Frank Lloyd Wright.  After checking out this amazing home (which is actually a private residence), we walked through the sculpture garden where we couldn't wrap our heads around what people consider art?  I swear I could make some of that art...but then again I bet I couldn't.  After a trip into the Kentuck Knob gift shop, we headed out on Route 40 to have lunch at the Historic Stone House Inn (great burger) and then we checked out Fort Necessity.  Well, we didn't check out the Fort site but we did explore the visitors center.  Spice and I both decided we need to learn more about America's history.  Note to self- must pick up and really, really finish Howard Zinn's A People History of the US.

We enjoyed a lovely Saturday evening at Site 226, noshing on Glampy food (cheese, olives, jellies, bread, etc). The rain stopped, we built an amazing campfire and listened the soundtrack of nature.  

Roxie kept us safe and sound.  We tucked in for the night and drifted off to sleep.

When the sun was were we.  We get our awesome little campsite packed up and hit the road.  We decided that we should stop for brunch at the Historic Summit Inn.  Eggs, breakfast meat and mimosas were just what we needed.  

It was an absolutely perfect camping weekend.  Can't wait for the next one....  I think we are thinking of checking out The Lincoln Highway...which runs through Pennsylvania.  Time to start planning.

 Cocktail Time!

  Roxie tucked in for the next 2 nights

 Glamping Happy Hour

 Dinner! Amazing!

 Floral Arrangement Time

Someone is watching us...

 Glamping Pam101/Spice Style 

 Kentuck Knob

  Photo op on the balcony at Kentuck Knob

What I love about, reading and cool mornings.

Brunch at the Historic Summit Inn
The faces of Glamping Spice

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pam101 Book It Book Club

I have a thumbs up and a thumbs down for the Pam101 Book It Book Club.

First let's start with Thumbs Up!  Recently, I read A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams.  It was the first I read this author and I loved her. Loved her style, her subject, her characters, etc.  So, I picked up her first novel called Overseas.  And of course I really enjoyed it.  She is def an author I will continue to read.  Overseas = thumbs up!

Now, the thumbs down book. Amazon suggested I read The Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand because I liked A Hundred Summers.  Egh- couldn't get into this book at all. I couldn't relate to the characters, didn't enjoy the story line.  It was a book that I rarely do what I did...I quit on it.  I just didn't care enough to finish it. 

 So, next up on the Pam101 Book It Book Club list?  Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography of My Appetites by Kate Christensen.  

What are you all reading?

Yinzer Dinnerz club takes on Pool Party

I am super proud of our Yinzer Dinnerz club for sticking to our promise- to find time once a month to all get together and enjoy the friendship and laughter that food can bring.

Since we have started our club in January, we have only missed one month.  June was incredibly busy for all of us.  That is to be expected, especially since our group is growing. 

Our July dinner was hosted by Dana and Larry at their awesome home which now has a beautiful in-ground pool.  I mean...if I didn't love them before! 

Our theme was "Pool Party!"  

Smoked chickens and kielbasa
Summer Salads (I made Ina's Greek Panzanella salad)
Grilled homemade bread with homemade relish
Yinzer Oreo Dessert
Fresh whipped cream, berries and angel food cake.
Beer! Oh the beer! Each person brought a six pack for us all to enjoy!

It was a perfect party! 

August theme is set...can't wait!