Sunday, December 7, 2014

Done! But not my best!

Busting out some gifts this weekend.
Unfortunately...while these gifts are for some of my favorite people and there are so many mistakes in them.
Let's start a new Pam101 sewing saying..."The  more mistakes, the more I love you!"

Making Mama Oprah Proud!!!

The ladies of the Yinzer Supper Club had our annual Christmas Favorite Things Party!
While Oprah didn't show up...I am pretty sure some of us had amazingly spot on Oprah impressions. 

As always the night was awesome. Great drinks, great conversation, tons of laughs and amazing food. 

This year's gifts were top notch! Everyone gave their reasons why the selected what they did, we all loved what we got and even learned some  new things about each other. 

An absolutely wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. 

The Favorite Things Gift Guide
Moira- Spice kit from Penzeys
Jenni- Unbroken 
Dana- Jello Jiggler mold, Dunkin Donuts gift card, Snickers Peanut Butter candy bar. 
Kylie- Rosemary Salt and a Mystic Knot Bracelet
Christine- Starbucks Gift Card
Melanie- Moleskin notebook and pens
Pam101- Outlander, homemade book-marker and Skin So Soft in a Pens tote. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Technology is amazing

So, this isn't a good photo of either of us.
What is amazing is that one of your most amazing friends can be in her apartment in China and you can be at your dining room in Pittsburgh and you can see each other and catch up.
Sure, the internet dropped a handful of times.
But it is amazing that you can see each other.
Can't wait to see her in 4 weeks and celebrate her wedding!

Yinzer Club hits the Road!

Big thank you to Yinzer Club members, Jenni and Nathan, who hosted the club at their Deep Creek house. 
Celebrated Dana's upcoming birthday! 
So much laughter.
So much food.
Way to much booze.
All in all ....
Fantastic Weekend!

Monday, November 10, 2014

I wish she could acutally help

I wish Hey Girl would actually help with projects instead of trying to rip out all the pins.  She needs to earn her keep. This cat has the best life.

35 things for 35 years!

Here is a few pics of the random things I have been giving Dana for her upcoming 35th birthday.  The goal is a gift a day for the entire month of November.  So, far things are going well.  Starting to get tricky but have no fear...I am full of ideas!  She should be happy I am not sending her nothing but beer, Outlander and highlights from 50 Shades of Grey.


Wonder if Oprah will show up to our Third Annual Favorite Things party?
Invites are out to the girls.
Gifts have been purchased (need to finish up one more thing).
It is such a fun night!
Can't wait!

Could be my new fave photos!

Took Lucy and Will to see the circus at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.
The kids loved getting a pic with Sid photo bombing them in the back. 
My new favorite photos!
Let's Go Pens!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

And now the real reason I haven't blogged...

There is a simple reason Pam101 has taken a break.

Well, I mean I am busy and after working all day I usually don't run home to get back onto a computer.

But the real reason is...

I am obsessed.

I blame a handful of friends that in September told me about my new obsession. (McHottie added fuel to the fire).

"Pam, have you seen Outlander?"  That is what started it all.

I hadn't.  Two days later I had called Comcast and subscribed to Starz so I could see what all the fuss was about.  One look at the guy who plays the lead, I got what all the fuss was about. DAMN.  I binged watched all 8 episodes on a work night.  That snowballed into borrowing book one from my neighbor Peg, who has been reading the Outlander books since the early 90's.   And as soon as I finish a book, i run the 10 feet across the drive to get the next book from her basement library.

In a nutshell the books are huge- like 1000 pages.  And there are 8 of them.  I am currently on book 5.  I stay up till the wee hours reading, I read at lunch, I read when I get home. I need an intervention.  I still watch the shows On Demand because Why Not? The most popular episode is probably The Wedding.  Good Lord, Sweet Jesus!

An intervention has been scheduled.  I requested it.  I am already preparing friends for when I get the series done because we all know I will slip into a depression.  My obsessions are notorious. You guys remember the Twilight and 50 Shades days, right?   

So, that is why I haven't been writing...i have been reading. Can't hate on me for that, can you. 


So, my best friend of  over HOLY SHIT 20 years turns 35 at the end of this month.
She doesn't look a day over 22.
No, seriously, when I am at her house and she has three children all yelling Mom, i ask her where the Mom is because clearly we are just the teenage babysitters.
How is it possible that we have been BFF's for so long and that time has gone so damn fast that we are both now - wait for it- mid 30's? How!??!?!

Anyway, Dana turns 35 on the last day of the month.  I decided because my life wouldn't be the same without her that I would celebrate her all month. 35 things for her 35th birthday.  Not something grand but things that make me think of her.  So, the plan is to have something for her everyday...and then at the end to post one fun blog of all the random shit I gave her. 

I mean...who wouldn't love that. 

Happy 35th Birthday Month, Dana! 5 now?

This is so me and Boo.
We totally took a mini escape...a 4 night cruise.
I totally forgot to blog about it.
In fact, I didn't even take my camera.
These are the only 3 photos I had on my iBaby.
We used Boo's camera.
Lesson learned because she never EVER uploads photos.
So, all the photos from our 5th or something like that honeymoon are on her camera card in Austin, Texas.
As always was the Pam and Laura show.
People all aboard the ship knew who we were. 
There was an amazing night of Karaoke. Total Eclipse of the Heart got a standing ovation.
A day of drinking by the pool that made us show up late to the Capt's Dinner and me without any makeup.
Let's just say we are legendary.
I love her.

PS- The Secret Life of Violet Grant was an amazing book. Add it to your must read list. But read A Hundred Summers first.

Sew many projects

Tick tock goes the countdown sewing clock.
Feeling ambitious.
Have a list of projects i want to get cranked out before Christmas.
Big thank you to Mom101 for being an extra set of very helpful hands.
If only Hey Girl was as helpful.
Sew Happy to be able to make gifts that mean something to those that I love.

When your friend says she's getting married...

A few months back my lifelong friend, Stephanie, told me the good news.
She is engaged.
Marrying her love, Ben.
Marrying her love Ben in his home of France.
Like the country.
Like time to bust out my passport.
As I screamed congratulations I held my breath waiting for her to ask me...
I'll be in your wedding!

YES! I mean OUI!
I will fly to France in December to be apart of your big day!

Dress is purchased.
Still haven't practiced any French.
Still haven't dieted.
Dana and baby Delaney helped me, along with Mom and the kids. We decided on a navy number that fit all the right ways.  
Leaving in about 7 weeks.
Time to brush the dust of my French cd's.  
So excited ! Ne peut pas attendre !

Can we talk about my favorite girls?

Lucy front row at the Benedum production of Annie.
There are two little girls who fill my heart with so much happiness and love and joy and nervousness that I feel like sometimes I can't breath.

Lucy who is now 8- how HOW did that happen.
Beautiful baby Delaney who is now almost 5 months- how HOW did that happen. 

While I am not a mother, I feel like I understand that love one must feel for little people that are actually their own. Maybe I don't but when I look at these two (and yes i feel that way when i look at Will and pretty much every other little person who refers to me as Aunt Pam...which that number keeps growing and growing) I can't image my heart handling making any more room for love.

I love watching these two little lovely ladies grow.  Lucy has now embraced the phrase, "You're embarrassing me." Pretty sure she loves it when I do...well maybe not loves it but I am sure the day when I stop hugging and kissing her in public will make her and me a bit sad.  But until we have a major fight in the middle of Target, I'll keep at it.

And baby Delaney...well she doesn't cry the minute I hold her so we are making progress. But dear lord...when and if I pray...i might ask that if i ever have a child to bless me with a baby as beautiful and sweet and perfect and squishy as this one.  She melts my heart in every way possible.  I only hope that someday she finds a best friend as wonderful as mine because I met mine in the 8th grade and she just happened to end up being this beautiful babe's Mommy. 

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Not going to lie. 
I love Halloween!
I love dressing up.
I love the kids in their costumes.
Even lame costumes! Throwing on an old t-shirt isn't a costume but tried so Happy Halloween!
This was the first year my niece and nephew didn't need me to walk with them.
Not gonna lie...i decided at that moment my costume was "Heart broken Aunt who will never ever have kids and will probably die alone with at least 30 cats."

But i rebounded and got to stroll around with other amazing little kids and then did meet up with my own little Rapunzel and Olaf.  

To kick off Halloween month, the family hooked up Roxie and went on our annual Jellystone Halloween weekend.  The whole family went, the weather was perfect and everyone for the most part got along! Win Win!

And then of course I rocked some horns at work, ate donuts and forced Nurse Kimmy to do the same.

Fall is the best. 

Hope you had a good one!

Yinzer Supper Club Does Local

The Yinzer Supper Club had their best dinner to date in late October.  
The theme was LOCAL.
Food and drinks needed to be locally made or hopefully locally purchased. 
And I am going to say that we all did an amazing job.
Local may seem easy but it can be tricky.
Pam101 and Kylie hosted.
The table looked amazing.
The conversation never stopped.
The laughter never EVER stopped.
And one point I didn't know what side of the table was laughing harder.
Dana had tears streaming down her face.
People had coughing fits induced because of laughter.
At one point i stood in the kitchen getting something and I couldn't help but feel all warm and fuzzy (maybe it was the wine) because it was such a successful and fun night.
When the last guests left after 1am and I was cleaning up...I felt really really lucky to be surrounded by great friends...the family you chooseIt was a wonderful feeling.

Cocktail Menu
Wind Ridge Wines
East End Brewery Beer
Grilled Mancini's bread with homemade jellies and jams
Jalapeno Corn Dip

Course 1
Turkey and Kale Soup

Course 2
Venison Chili

Main Entree
Baked Mustard Salmon 
Grilled cabbage
Shepards Pie
Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Clark Bar Brownies
Apple Cake
Apple Pie
Chocolate Pumpkin Cakes

Next dinner is set for mid-November.  This one should be fun...the Yinzer Club is hitting the road! 

It's a hocccccckey night in Pittsburgh

Hockey is back.
My life is now all about the Pens.
My friends and I went to the Home Opener.
Sat three rows back.
I may have made eye contact with Geno.  I may not have.  Either way I giggled and blushed.
I am a nerd.

Fall Fun and Whiskey!

 My awesome friend and co-worker Nurse Kim and I checked out the Annual Harvest Festival put on by the Greene County Historical Society in October.  You guys, I was seriously impressed.  The Greene County Historical Society organized a great event.  History, education, food, crafts...war reenactments...something for everyone!  The weather was great, I learned new things and have a perfect fall afternoon.  I love when you stumble across something that surprises and impresses you.  In all the years I have lived in Greene County I was disappointed in myself that it took me so long to realized how great the Historical Society is.  Worth the stop if you are ever in the Southwestern PA.

Did you guys know my friend Kylie is my roommate now? Well, if I didn't tell you...Ky moved in because she is house-hunting and it didn't make sense to sign a lease if she wants to buy her own home.  So, Pam101 casa is her casa! It's been fun having a roommate (even though we are never home at the same time).  One night we decided to check out Wigle Whiskey for a label party.  Located in the Strip District, Wigle Whiskey, is a distillery that produces amazing whiskey (and bitters and gin).  Business is booming so every week Wigle has Label Parties.  You sit a table and hand label bottle after bottle of booze.   It was a cool thing to be a part of. Not sure when we will go back but when they give you free cocktails while you label...i would say the chances are pretty good of another appearance!

Fall Ya'll! Happy Birthday to Mom101!

Mom101's Birthday weekend was in early October.  We spent the weekend in the Amish area of Berlin, Ohio.  We came back with 30 pumpkins! It was like I had never seen a pumpkin before.  Loaded with pumpkins and delicious baked goods we celebrated her birthday with a fiesta! 

The kids made her homemade art for her birthday, lots of laughs were shared and I am pretty sure she had a lovely weekend! 

Happy Birthday (a bit belated on Pam101 but wasn't belated in real life) Mom! 

Rattle of the Radiator or Fall Back?

One of these two items is to blame for finally forcing me to write again. 

I am thinking it's more the steam heat pinging off the radiators because it is 34 degrees in the city of Pittsburgh.  Because of pinging noises and maybe with a hint of fall back time change I have finally felt the twinge of inspiration to sit and write.  

When periods of time slip all must assume that so many amazing things are going on in Pam101's life.  Well, i hate to disappoint.  Don't get me wrong, everyday is a good day but nothing is really really new.  Life has been super busy, chaotic and my new obsession is keeping me up to the wee hours on school nights and oh' year hockey season has started back up.   

The leaves are almost all off the trees...the kids have trick or treated...frost has been on the ground ...sweaters and boots have been added to the closet.  

I guess since all those things have's time for me to get back to Pam101.